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Legal Note

Please carefully read the following terms. These conditions and guidelines control the access to this Website and the use of it. You agree that these contexts and policies will obligate you by accessing or using this site, and also by all the additional instructions, limitations or regulations which may be posted concerning the specific sections or services of this Site. With these Terms and Conditions, all the further guidelines, requirements, or rules posted herewith are entirely incorporated.

Packhit.com, at any time with or without prior notification, can make amendments to this site, and the Terms and Conditions. Each time you visit this business platform, consider checking the Conditions of usability.



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Custom Quotes, Validity, and Changes in the Estimated Costs

Due to the nature of our business, we produce unique retail packaging products with various specifications in terms of size, printing, materials, and add-ons, etc. Therefore, price quotes are estimated based on various factors and are subject to change. We cannot guarantee the persistence of the prices until the order has been placed as per payment terms and contracts. We always keep our customers informed of any of such changes before the payments are made.

Copyrights and Brand Mark

The use of advertising, packaging with any of the photos, illustrations, texts, or other contents that you integrate into your goods is your sole responsibility. You agree that, unless you have received the acceptable permissions from the owner, you will not include text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any copyrighted work of third parties in your products. You confirm that any third-party privileges, including copyrights, logos, advertising, and confidentiality, will not be infringed. Alternatively, you have all the permissions or licenses to include third party contents into your products. The products shall also be subject to the law and rules of any third party.

If you place an order at this website, you ensure that you are authorized to make the orders and that you allow Packhit.com to manufacture and supply the product on behalf of you.


Client Guidelines

The person who places the order bears the entire responsibilities of all the required information, data, texts, photographs, graphics, messages, and additional material if any. Therefore, all content/material received, downloaded, updated, or otherwise shared through the website will be yours. All local rules concerning online behavior and acceptable information must be complied with. You agree not to use the site for the download, post, or otherwise transmitting of contents containing indecent, illegal contents or materials that infringe Packhit.com or any third party's intellectual rights or other protections.

The material uploaded by Consumers is not monitored, and Packhit.com does not guarantee that the given information is reliable, accurate, or containing high quality. Packhit.com is in no way responsible for any material you may find objectionable, inappropriate, or unacceptable to you in any manner under any scenarios.

If you or someone you have given the access to this website with your password, order an item; you grant Packhit.com free, international, and non-exclusive royalty/production permissions. Thus, you will allow Packhit.com to purpose the design, print, processing, reproduction, sub-licensing, modification, adaptation, publishing, display, and creation of securitized works from the Website contents and products.

You agree that Packhit.com has full authorization to remove any content, images, that violate the terms, policies, or objectionable materials by any means. Packhit.com may disclose contents/materials, information if required to do so by law or in the circumstances, that specific disclosure is required as per the following, or any of the unexpected scenarios.

If necessary or if a report is needed to:

a)    Comply with the law

b)   Abide by the terms of service

c)    React to complaints regarding material breaches, any third party's rights

d)   Protecting the rights, assets or personal safety of Packhit.com, its clients, and the public.


Bespoke Themes

All artworks or drawings and photographs must be given in CMYK format and with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. Packhit.com is not liable for any color changes that occur while transitioning from RGB to CMYK display modes. Packhit.com is also not responsible for images displayed as blurry, distorted, or pixilated due to customer-provided designs. The final artwork and task specifications-sheet should include consumer acceptance of all designed, crafted, and manufactured works. Once the order is placed, the client may obtain e-mail evidence of finished works and a task description report.


Confirmations & Verifications

All information provided in the spec sheet, including, but not limited to delivery dates and production time, shall be reviewed by customers and confirmed to have been accurately identified according to all customer requirements. Packhit.com is not responsible for any requirements and conditions other than those stated in the final specifications-sheet. It is also the customer's responsibility to verify the final artwork proofs, as the customer is liable for proof-reading. Unforeseen changes can take place because multiple designs, samples, files are prepared on demand. What is shown in the final proof is what goes into the manufacturing process.

Packhit.com strongly suggests that the proof be published to test actual position, spellings as well as other design elements at 100 percent by the customer. For design or spelling mistakes, that the customer has not identified and immediately communicated with Packhit.com, Packhit.com will not be held responsible. The design file and job specifications will be conveyed to the manufacturing department upon approval. Packhit.com is not responsible for color matching or ink concentration on display proofs authorized by the consumer. Display proofs indicate design, format, text quality, picture proportions, and positioning, but not color or density.

For complete matching of the color-tone, Packhit.com tries to match the color intensity of all the shades. Packhit.com is not responsible for the final appearance of a color-tone, and unless the consumer requests a color change. Furthermore, the use of lamination may affect or modify the outcome result of the printed colors. Packhit.com is not liable for the laminated product's final color appearance.


Resources & Materials

Please be notified; for printing on our products, the paper, cardstock used, is not food grade. Every required specification of this type will necessarily be provided in writing. Please let us know before placing the order if you have any specific food grade demand on paper stocks.

Customers are liable for proofing and design authorizations before the start of manufacturing procedures.

Packhit.com is Never Liable for mistakes in a printed/final product due to any of the following reasons:

Design Orientations or Placement and Incorrect Font Use, Spellings, Grammatical, and Punctuation Flaws, Wrong Die-Cuts, slits, compartments, or Incorrect and Absent Folds in prepared Product.


Colors and Visuals

Packhit.com replicates as closely as possible the color of the provided print-ready images. Nevertheless, due to limitations in printing techniques, the various characteristics of specific press layers, and adjacent ink specifications, the Packhit.com cannot guarantee color matching and ink intensity.

According to the 90 percent of the final proof, you have approved, the accuracy of color reproductions is ensured. Please note that Packhit.com only guarantees color reproduction for your print-ready files if you order a hardcopy proof with an additional fee. Please remember that the color differences between the printed images and actual images are not the obligation of Packhit.com



You consent to protect, reimburse and retain Packhit.com, and all its partners from whom Packhit.com has licensed collaborations of content, and their employer, employees against any complaint, liabilities, penalties, charges, costs and expenses, including reasonable fees, legal fees and costs deriving from or related with violation of these Terms, and/or any suit, allegation, or demand due to any material, photographs, images, illustrations or other materials you incorporated into your products, which may not be the part of a standardized website, personal or copyright content.

Revocation & Cancellation

Before printing/manufacturing/shipping, Packhit.com is entitled to revoke or cancel any or all of the orders. It cannot be canceled; however, if the item you have ordered is shipped. During different stages of production, orders may be canceled due to various/specific reasons, but cancellation charges apply. Our customer service team will notify you of any costs for cancellation. Some of the scenarios, in which, revocation fee is applied, are as under.

1) Orders have been placed online.

2) Our designing team has done the work/re-work on the layout.

3) Printing/Production procedures have been started.

4) The shipping company has collected the packaging, or the products have been shipped.

All purchases are cancellable until step 2. If the order is canceled at step 1 you will be billed $15 plus 5% of the total sum to cover payment processing, bank fees and to reimburse our Development Team royalties. A minimum of 20 percent of the order total is deducted as the cancelation fee in step 2, which covers the costs for our art services. We can still try to cancel the order after it has reached to step 3 but cannot assure, the termination of the cancellation request. Moreover, if the order is in step 3, and the client wishes it to be canceled, 50% of the total order amount will be deducted to cover the production expenses. It could not be canceled if an order reaches step 4.