Amazon Product Packaging Boxes

Product packaging matters a lot for anyone selling their retail products on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. However, since every product has its unique requirements, premade boxes are not ideal. Instead, it is better to have your own custom product packaging boxes made to fulfill your requirements. Doing so will not only keep the products secure but can also help in better brand representation. Get all these benefits and much more by getting personalized product packaging solutions at affordable prices. Our integrated design process provides an effective combination of options and design freedom. So, contact us today to buy wholesale custom product packaging solutions for your entire Amazon product lineup.

Custom Product Packaging Boxes for Amazon

There are thousands of retail products of hundreds of categories sold on Amazon. But before sending your product to Amazon, you need suitable product packaging, just like the traditional retail market. Cellulose-based packaging boxes are the most famous and affordable packaging options out there. Irrespective of the size or nature of the products, most retail products are packed inside product packaging boxes. But because of such vast variety and different natures of products, you need a range of options suitable for the entire range of products. At PackHit, we make custom product packaging boxes tailored to every product’s individual needs. For instance, if you want to pack essential oils, you can get small tuck top boxes. Similarly, bigger boxes like double wall tuck front boxes are also available for products and your range of SKUs.

Design Options and Freedom for Custom Product Packaging

We noticed that many businesses fail to make the best use of their design options. To solve this problem, we have presented you with all the design options in our quotation form. You can insert the dimensions, choose other design options starting from materials going all the way to finishes. Also, you can attach the artwork and write your unique requirements. So, that’s how we provide Amazon sellers with excellent custom packaging boxes suited to their needs. The design options for Amazon product packaging boxes are box-making options, printing and finishes, and further customizations. They are as follows:

Box-making Options

Choosing the making options for boxes is the primary stage of the design process. You need to select materials(stocks), style of boxes, and dimensions in this stage. Making the right material choice is the most important step as the sturdiness, and the appeal of the packaging boxes depends on it. We make boxes with different varieties of Kraft, cardboard, Rigid, and corrugated material. All these materials are available in different thickness options. The second critical aspect of the box-making process is choosing a suitable style of boxes. We make all styles and types of boxes, including the complete range of tuck boxes, boxes with lids, mailers, and various others. So, whatever kind you are looking for, we can provide you. Lastly, the dimensions totally depend on the product. If you are sure about the product packaging size, you can tell us. Otherwise, just explain your product, and we will take care of the rest. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us at any stage.

Printing and Finishing

Printing and finishing give your product the needed visual details and description. In addition, you can add images, texts, branding details, and so much more to your Amazon product boxes. For best printing results, we offer offset, digital, and digital printing. Further, we offer CMYK and PMS printing options. To highlight the printing and the overall presentation of your custom Amazon product packaging boxes, we offer plenty of finish options. You can go with gloss, matte, or some other type of lamination like aqueous coating. Also, there are add-on finishes foiling and holographic as well. Other Customizations(H3) On top of standard packaging making, printing, and finishing options, there is so much more you can get. For example, we can provide your custom inserts if a product is fragile. Similarly, for adding convenience, you can have handles attached to the boxes. If making the product packaging more appealing is the plan, we offer many options like embossing, debossing, and UV coating. In case if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us through mentioned mediums. So, contact us today to get the best Amazon e-commerce product packaging.
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