Custom Packaging for Small Businesses

Packaging requirements for small businesses are different from medium-sized and big retail companies. Making your product noticed by the customers and scoring sales is difficult for any brand just starting out. But with custom packaging boxes from PackHit, you can make a statement. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of design and personalization options. To help you make the best use of these options, we have an expert team with years of experience. Also, we have simplified the process by providing all the options in our quotation form. Even with all this, our packaging products are affordable and come with flexible MOQs. So, contact us today for a quote.

Packaging for Startups and Small Businesses

Every retail business starts from small and grows gradually. But during the initial phase, we know the uphill battle every brand must go through. However, a superior product presentation can draw the attention of the customers and help a brand shine. Custom packaging boxes allow you to choose all the packaging design options the way you want. You can do many things, like getting an eye-catching presentation, your desired level of durability, implementing your brand's unique concept, and other such needs. At PackHit, we understand how the requirements of every business are different. So, to help these small businesses, we offer flexible MOQ options and affordable prices. These are the two things that have become a need of every retail business. But in addition to these, PackHit provides many other amazing extras like free shipping, mockups, and much more. So, if you are a small business, PackHit has you covered in every department. Following are the small businesses we serve:

Soaps and Bath Bombs

Soaps and bath bombs are some of the most famous small businesses. With both these products, presentation is a necessary aspect that one should never miss out on. PackHit makes custom wraps and boxes suitable for the specific needs of every business. Again, you get a variety of options for your custom packaging.

Food and Bakery Products

There are dozens of types of foods, bakery products, and takeaways with different packaging needs. Our company makes custom packaging bags and boxes suitable for their specific requirements. For the range of bakery products, we make donut boxes, cake boxes, display trays, and various others. We make burger boxes, hot dog trays and boxes, French fry boxes, and gable bags for restaurants. Also, we offer custom Chinese takeout boxes and noodle boxes. So, whatever type of food packaging you are looking for, PackHit has you covered.

CBD and Hemp

CBD and hemp industry has been on an incline for the last few years, and many new brands are starting out. To help these new brands, we offer a complete range of CBD and hemp boxes. So, we make the whole range, whether you want to pack flower, cartridges, e-liquid, joints, or any other product.

Other Products

Besides the mentioned small businesses, we provide cellulose-based packaging solutions to many others as well. For example, we make packaging boxes and bags for games, toys, stationery, cosmetics, self-care products, and other industries. To know more about our services, contact us today for a quote.
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