Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Made | The Way You Want

Any size – Any color – Any design

The leading supplier of affordable retail packaging solutions.

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Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom Made | The Way You Want

Any size – Any color – Any design

The leading supplier of affordable retail packaging solutions.

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Contact Us for More Info, a Quote, or to Start a Project.
Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale USA

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We are proficient and professionals in the production and deliverance of retail packaging.

Our zeal for perfection leads us to apply complete skills, embracing all the premium quality papers, e.g. Cardboard, Corrugated stock, and Kraft. Our commitment has driven us to not only provide absolute packaging compliance, but we also work to develop and support modern industrial growth. This is the vision; this is the quality-based selection of high-end materials.

Our work culture is Brand-led thinking with immensely remarkable and comforting services. It is not the price; indeed, it is the passion, which is the motivation for us. Therefore, our prices are agreeable and satisfactory. Any idea, packaging theme, or box craftsmanship which is waiting to see the daylight; we catch the phrase, stir up the business knowledge and then amplify the products to become a hit. 

Competence and providing continuous services have enabled us to gather a considerable compile of packaging products. Offering to name a few; Food Boxes, Bakery Boxes, Cosmetics Boxes, Display Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Merchandise Bags, Gift Bags, Display, and Door Hangers, etc. Wanting more? Let's talk!

Materials & Primary Products

Packhit assures to deliver the custom, conventional, and innovative packaging solutions.

Any of the styles, measurements, or dimensions can be executed as per product sizes and magnitude. By analyzing the product DNA, we devise a befitting packaging plan to vitalize, revitalize and uplift the brand.

With the latest and advanced in-house equipment, we can provide elegant and marvelous standards on all of the packaging materials.

Most of our products are constructed with cardboard, corrugated sheets, and Kraft paper. We are presenting an extensive collection. Our product selection has surpassed over One hundred and twenty products, counting more. 

Our Blogs

Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes 

We supply all the specifications for retail, gift and  customized kraft paper packaging in wholesale , with dedication and conviction.
Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardstock Boxes

The years of experience have enabled us to manufacture and supply  custom designed cardstock boxes in bulk quantity .
Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes 

When it comes to  custom corrugated storage boxes in bulk  solutions, we deliver all the varieties, designs and sizes.

Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

Combining skilled craftsmanship and the latest print equipment, we deliver high-end  custom packaging and printing wholesale
Custom Retail Packaging

Custom Retail Packaging

Our retail packaging is for all the branding purposes. Gifts, casual and conventional to  custom boxes for retail packaging. Contact for all. 
Custom Boxes Wholesale

Custom Boxes Wholesale

We have come a long way. Higher number of quantities make us more zealous. Providing  custom product packaging boxes wholesale conveniently. 

The Services and Solutions

We have arisen with some remarkable service standards and offerings. Having equipped with the latest Print facilities, we manufacture the most suitable, esteemed, and delicate printed productions.

We print bespoke boxes, bags, and all the packaging stock conveniently and comfortably.

We know our art. And, we think for our clients. Thus, we don’t quit after factory finishing, rather; we help and responsibly source the supplies.  All the quantities; minimum to the maximum are prepared with equal care, dedication, and diligence. Each step from boxes styles, designs, prototypes, productions, shipments, and then to door delivery; we complete and manage the projects with soothing skills and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


We start it from scratch. By each time, our seasoned development team obtains your vision and envisions a complete custom packaging plan to make your product a hit. For this purpose, initially, we ask you two questions, as following.

Are you a well-recognized brand?


Are you a startup?

We function accordingly. If your product has made its space in the market, a lot is considered enough. Then, we endeavor to revive and boost up your products.

If you are an entrepreneur, starting with a new product; wanting to win the hearts and markets. We extensively plan and propose the complete masterplan to rock the industry. 

We pursue our standard packaging procedure as following:

R&D: We do the thorough R&D of your product. By analyzing the brand utilizations, configurations, and implications, we see its social influences, necessities, and problem-solving factors. Thus, we grow with a marvelous strategy to elevate the product at ambitious heights.

Brand Name: Do you have a business or brand name? We ask this. If not, we help you come up with the most peppy and punchy brand name that can be distinguished in the competition.

Packaging look: Then, we illustrate a proper look of your brand. We conceive the entire feel of the packaging according to the product; dimensions, measurements, and corners are finalized. Specific brand color is selected. Further, we move towards the company/brand logo and a catchy slogan for your product. Our zealous and inventive graphic designers come up with some remarkable designs for your product. 

In-House Production: Once you approve the mock-up, we pull the strings and all is done adequately, conveniently and comfortably through our in-house manufacturing. 

Obviously, we don’t let it finish there, door delivery of your products is also made possible by us. 

Packhit is amongst the leading retail packaging suppliers; we provide you a thorough plan of action to improve your packaging. As we are not only the packaging manufacturer. But our development team also devise an astonishing formula; named as our “Super Six” plan of success. Let us enlighten some insight about this formula in our following contents.


1.Suitable Packaging: We devise you to look after the packaging strengths and measurements. Fitments should be according to the product. If the product has to be shipped, then, we devise some durable materials with some reinforced characteristics.

2.Easy to Open: We always recommend our clients to have an easy and convenient packaging. And, we are a specialist in providing smooth solutions with sharp die-cut solutions.

3.Shelf Value: How your product will be displayed on the shelves? This is an unavoidable aspect. And, we propose the best look for your product with supreme eye-catching appearance.

4.Individual Look: If possible, we devise you to become with a unique, and distinctive product encasement which can be an identity for your product.

5.Correct Packaging: It is analyzed, what is the composition of the product. Is it liquid? Food or some metal? Different ingredients require divergent packaging. We know this. And, we help you to become with some long-lasting and befitting packing according to the product.

6.Remarkable Design: Our graphic designing heroes come with the most adaptable and acceptable designs, that turn into the global identity of your product. 

Several packaging materials are existing right now; from glass, steel, plastic and polythene to paper, choices are unique and amazing. These are all best in accordance to the product specification. We at Packhit, deal significantly in premium paper products, e.g. Cardboard, Corrugated and Paper stocks.

Impressive custom product packaging does create its mark in a way or so. It has a highly instinctive and subtle impact, people even divert from their favorite brands to new products, just due to a splendid packaging.

Cognate and similar type of products are usually filled with almost the same substance. But, look different due to their individual packaging. 

Continuous researches have proved that packaging by itself plays a vital role in increasing the sale and creates brand recognition. Packaging is like a print add with the brand, which provides a complete product description to the consumer.

It tells the product name. Thus, target customers pick their goods in a blink. This indeed is the unique packaging that ultimately becomes the identity of the brand. All in all, attractive packaging is advantageous by all means.

We have a thorough practice of drawing a winning design. We conceive and produce the design in two following levels:


At this level, we ask about your product. what is your target market? Are you an existing brand? Do you have a specific theme for your brand, or it is new?  


Once, we enter into the design execution stage. Then, we apply all of the expertise. We know the importance of a breathtaking and winning design. We provide a breakthrough look with all the details, e.g. Brand logo, Product name, description, Barcodes, Company details, etc. We place the information where they are needed most and get adored. 

We are exclusively a US based packaging brand. Additionally, with the States, we offer free shipping across Canada. For rest of the countries, we do ship our products but free shipping does not apply.

Indeed, packaging is a vast industry. There are also so many functions and variants involved in the process; that influence and affect per unit cost. Therefore, most of the packaging manufacturers feel hesitant to quote an instant unit price. 

Further; there are some parameters to remember, that can help you to have a fair idea of the packaging. 

Regular Types of the Retail Packaging

It consists of three core types as following;

i. Card stock 

ii. Kraft

iii. Corrugated 

Cardstock: Cardstock is the most practicable material amongst all the brands. As it provides esteem and high-end print results. It is light weight and affordable. A lot of custom packaging boxes, folders, tags and Book covers are printed only in this material.

Kraft: Kraft is also a big hit. It is light in weight. Single brown color and ideal grammages make it a perfect material for the packaging. Therefore, it is used almost for every purpose; from boxes to bags and wraps, this stock is consumer-friendly for each of the product.

Corrugated: This is a stock prepared on a corrugator machine. Corrugated sheet is prepared with an inner wavy sheet, and is glued by two kraft sheets from both of the sides. Thus, it becomes sturdier and crack resilient. Most of the pizza and fast food products are packaged in the stock of this paper.

All of the aforementioned stocks are eco-friendly. You can visit our blogs section to have bit more in-depth knowledge about these stocks. These stocks are also cost-effective. Price varies based on the quantity of the products. Low and bulk quantities equally affect the pricings. 

We are the leading brand to provide custom packaging solutions; when it comes to personalized stuff then evidently price varies as per the design, print, die-cut, and Add-ons. You can contact us for a custom quote by anytime, here.

Note: We construct custom rigid boxes on demand. They come with additional values. But they are a complete custom, luxury, and handmade packaging solution.

You can do have printing, any type of gloss or matte lamination and all the Add-ons on front and inner side of the box. Because, we supply custom packaging solutions. Therefore, it is inclusively our prime expertise. 

What are the Add-ons?

Add-ons are an additional product embellishment. Which is applied, once the usual printing and manufacturing is completed. There can be various Add-ons as per demand. Each of the Add-on can be personalized. 

We at Packhit, provide the most eye-catching Add-ons options for custom retail boxes supplies, bags, tags, many other forms of packaging. Gloss or matte laminations, foil printing, embossing, and debossing, etc. can be applied. 

Once you approve the pre-proof; after finishing the manufacturing it does not take us so long to door-deliver your products. We provide the rapid turnaround timings. Our response time is easy, smooth and convenient for all of our products. 

Normally, it takes 6 to 10 days to deliver the custom boxes and products. If the products are needed promptly, then we can expedite the transportation process as per situation. Rapid delivery services may apply some extra charges. Across all the US and Canada, we provide free shipping services.

We gladly and officially provide the samples and pre-proofs before starting to manufacture the orders. Neither we get tired by repeated efforts for the approval of any of the proof. We, indeed, aspire to come with the best and optimum winning product. No matter, how much of our creative, production and supply attempts it takes. We push the envelope as much as possible. 

Usually, we print three types of printing on all of our products. CMYK, Screen and Foil Printing.

CMYK: This is the standard offset printing procedure; with four basic colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black), we bring high-end and high defining colors, always. 

Screen Print: We offer the most neat and sophisticated screen colors for your custom packaging boxes, tags, folders and all of the packaging products.

Foil Printing: Foil printing is a unique and specific way to print the logos, slogans, and images. By using heat, pressure and metallic paper, which is called the actual foil; we provide the touch of luxury and stature.