What Are Pre Rolls and How Are Pre Rolls Made?

14 December, 2022
What Are Pre Rolls and How Are Pre Rolls Made?

Cannabis joints are the most widely used form of consuming cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. They are easy to use and provide the maximum benefits from the active ingredients. Pre-rolls are now taking over as a top choice for cannabis smokeable. Are you new to the world of medicinal or recreational cannabis or marijuana? Chances are you’ve found yourself wondering “what are pre-rolls?” or “what are CBD pre-rolls?” In this article, we’ll explain what pre-rolls are, how they are made, and their benefits.

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What Is A Pre-Roll?

Pre-rolls are an innovative and convenient way to consume cannabis. But what exactly are pre-rolls? Let’s look at some facts. In the United States, 39 States and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal cannabis or marijuana while 19 States and DC have legalized both medicinal and recreational cannabis and marijuana. Before the legalization of cannabis people used to roll cannabis joints themselves. But not everyone can successfully roll a joint. It’s a time taking and delicate procedure and a poorly rolled joint is not a great experience.


Today cannabis vendors, dispensaries, and cannabis companies provide ready to use, pre-rolled cannabis joints. These are commonly called pre-rolls. Pre-rolls allow users to bypass the trouble of grinding cannabis flowers and rolling the joint. Pre-rolls come in different varieties according to cannabis potency or weight.

Many people also find it hard to roll joints due to their medical conditions. Pre-rolls make cannabis joints more accessible to everyone, especially patients and newcomers. They are also cheaper than and more convenient than other forms of cannabis consumption such as bongs or bowls.


How Are Pre-Rolls Made?

Pre-rolls are made with a wrapper or rolling paper, ground cannabis flower, and a filter (aka crutch). The paper is filled with the cannabis and the filter is placed at the base then the paper is rolled neatly and the top twisted to make a joint.

Pre-rolls are packaged either as individual tubes or sets of pre-rolls. A standard pre-roll is about the same size as a regular tobacco cigarette. Being disposable and inexpensive, pre-rolls are suitable for individual use or in groups.

What Are Pre-Rolls Made Of?

Depending on the brand pre-rolls may be made with shake, trim, or buds. In the past pre-rolls were considered to be of low quality and poor smokeable. Manufacturers would stuff pre-rolls with dry leaves and twigs to save cost. However, after the legalization of cannabis, growing competition means that brands now make quality pre-rolls filled with high-quality cannabis products. Pre-rolls could be made of only ground flowers or mixed with kief, wax, or buds.

Pre-rolls, synonymous with joints, range in size from standard doobies to king size cannabis. Blunts are a type of pre-roll that is essentially a cigar roll filled with marijuana. Spliffs are pre-rolls filled with cannabis and tobacco. Joints and blunts are more popular in the US while spliffs are popular in Europe.

Regular vs. Infused Pre-Rolls

Sometimes pre-rolls are infused with concentrates like kief, shatter, hash, or CBD oil. The concentrates may be added inside the joint or applied on the surface. This makes the pre-rolls much stronger than regular pre-rolls because concentrates are much more potent than flowers or buds. Infused pre-rolls provide a higher kick on smoking because the CBD and THC levels are higher. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main compound in cannabis that affects your mental state. Infused pre-rolls are usually used by experienced smokers with high THC tolerance. When you get a pre-roll be sure to check the package for ingredient details to know how strong your pre-roll is and see whether it’s right for you.

Moreover, pre-rolls can also be infused with different flavors. So newcomers can try the flavored pre-rolls to get an interesting aromatic experience.

Types Of Pre-Rolls

The strain of cannabis used in a pre-roll determines the quality as well as the aroma of the pre-roll. The majority of pre-rolls these days are made with ground cannabis buds that provide an excellent smoking experience. Some pre-rolls are made with a combination of different cannabis strains. These pre-rolls are commonly referred to as rainbow rolls or mystery rolls.


Different strains of cannabis are effective for different purposes. Cannabis indica strain is recommended for helping with stress relief and sleep. This strain is known for its relaxing properties as well as its tendency to make the user drowsy. When indica is paired with CBD oil it works to provide pain relief.


Cannabis sativa strain is grown in warmer regions closer to the equator. This strain is known for its mood boosting and energizing properties. It can relieve fatigue symptoms, enhance productivity, boost creativity, and improve mood. These properties are due to the fact that Sativa contains higher levels of THC than CBD. However, these same properties may cause anxiety in some people so if you suffer from anxiety it’s best to take caution with this strain.


As the name suggests hybrid strain pre-rolls combine a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains. Hybrid pre-rolls come with varying ratios of the two strains. Before consuming a hybrid pre-roll it’s good to research which combination is right for you. A pre-roll smoking best practice is to choose a pre-roll according to your symptoms whether it's pain, fatigue, or sleep issues.

Benefits of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls offer many benefits.

  1. Pre-rolls are convenient: Pre-rolls are ready to use. So you don’t have to spend time and energy buying flowers, grinding them up, and rolling them perfectly. A pre-roll saves you time and preparation hassle. Some people, like this Twitter user, are just not good at rolling their own joints!
  2. Pre-Rolls are portable: When you use pre-rolls for medicinal purposes it’s especially important to have the joint easily accessible. Pre-rolls are easy to carry.
  3. Pre-rolls are suitable for newbies: New users often lack the knowledge and skill to prepare joints. Pre-rolls are an easy entry point.
  4. Pre-rolls are affordable: Cannabis bongs, bowls, pipes, etc. require special equipment and expertise to use it right. Pre-rolls are affordable alternatives.

Downsides of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls can also have some downsides.

Pre-Rolls Need Proper Storage

Once you open a pack of pre-rolls it’s important to properly store the pre-rolls. Temperature and humidity can affect the freshness and effectiveness of cannabis. A solution is to store your pre-rolls in air-tight containers. Custom pre-roll packaging assists you to store pre-rolls.

There are those who avoid pre-rolls for their lack of freshness with time like this Twitter user.

Pre-Rolls Might Contain Stale or Sub-Standard Ingredients

The rolling paper makes it hard to see what’s inside the pre-roll. Sometimes manufacturers can add in low-quality cannabis trim so your experience will not be the best. It’s good to always buy from reliable sources and well-known brands.


If you are ready to try cannabis to relax, boost productivity, improve sleep, or relieve pain, a pre-roll is an excellent way to start. It’s simple to use, cheap, convenient, and effective. Pre-rolls are made with different strains and combinations for different effects. Before using, make sure you understand which variety is right for your symptoms and requirements. Child-resistant pre-roll packaging is very important for ensuring that cannabis pre-rolls are used safely only by adults. Child-resistant pre-roll packaging reduces the risk of children accessing and consuming potentially hazardous materials.

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