Best Pre-Roll Packaging at Wholesale to Grow Your Business

5 December, 2022
Best Pre-Roll Packaging at Wholesale to Grow Your Business

Pre-rolls are one of the most popular cannabis products out there. They are easy to use and require little effort on the consumer’s part. However, with so many pre-roll brands consumers have more choices than ever before. How can you make your pre-roll packaging stand out? What is the best pre-roll packaging wholesale for your brand? These are important questions for any producer of pre-rolls. We’ll try to answer these questions and guide you to the best pre-roll packaging solutions in this article.

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Customize Best Pre Roll Packaging at Wholesale to Grow Your Business

Your pre-roll packaging speaks volumes. As a potential customer stands in a cannabis dispensary wondering “Are pre-rolls worth buying?” the right packaging invites them in to make a purchase. Pre-roll customers are on the lookout for the best CBD pre-rolls and one of the deciding factors includes the pre-roll packaging. That’s right. Even more than the quality of the cannabis product!

The pre-roll packaging is the first aspect of your product that a potential customer comes into contact with. In fact, it only takes a few seconds for them to decide if they’re interested in your pre-roll based on the pre-roll packaging. So it’s essential for you as a brand to make the first few seconds make a lasting impact on the customer’s mind.

Your custom pre-roll packaging conveys the quality and freshness of your pre-rolls. The best pre-roll packaging safely stores your pre-rolls, keeps them fresh, and allows customers to securely extract a pre-roll while keeping it child-resistant. It should present a premium look and feel for your pre-roll product. The best course of action for your brand is to go for custom pre-roll packaging in order to create a strong brand identity, build brand recognition, and grow your pre-roll business. Custom packaging can be ordered at a wholesale rate to be cost-effective.


Custom Pre-Roll Cones

Before we move on to pre-roll packaging styles, a word or two about custom pre-roll cones. You can buy pre-made pre-roll cones wholesale for your business to save time and make the manufacturing process more efficient. There are many different types of pre-roll papers that make up the pre-roll cones. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Refined White Paper

Refined white paper is commonly known as rice paper. Refined white paper cones are made with a fine white paper that offers a clean and smooth smoking experience. The high level of refinement in the white paper means that there is no added taste or smell. When you smoke a pre-roll made with refined white paper it offers the purest experience of the cannabis flower. A white paper is also referred to as bleached paper, however, the pre-roll paper is food-grade paper meaning there is no bleach involved.

Unrefined Brown Paper

Unrefined brown paper is similar to refined white paper but with less refinement. The paper has a soft brown color. Unrefined brown paper cones are also fairly tasteless. Many people prefer brown paper cones for a more organic feel to their pre-rolls.

Organic Hemp Paper

Organic hemp paper is made from organically grown hemp. The hemp wrap cones produce a richer smoke with a sweet aroma while also letting the cannabis flower come through fully.

Organic Botanical Paper for Blunts

Unlike infused pre-rolls, botanical paper is made with organic material that lets the joint be more flavorful. The organic botanical paper produces a richer smoke. Popular examples of botanical paper include hemp, sage, and cocoa which provide a premium rich smoking experience.

The standard size for pre-roll cones is 109 mm which allows for 1 gram of cannabis flower with a 26 mm filter. However, the size can be customized according to your pre-roll offerings.

Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Styles

Pre-roll packaging includes boxes, tubes, or any case that securely holds pre-rolls until they are consumed. Different styles of pre-roll packaging design come with different features. The various styles may also have different purposes, for example, being child-resistant or tamper-proof. We’ll take a deep dive into some of the most popular pre-roll packaging styles. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on pre-roll boxes made with sustainable cardboard materials. In the past paper was prohibited for packaging cannabis because it was not child-resistant. Today paper packaging has evolved to make innovative packaging styles that are compliant with packaging regulations. Paper boxes also allow for pre-roll multi-packs with convenience and style.

Slider Pre-Roll Box

Slider pre-roll boxes can contain multiple pre-rolls that fit snugly inside cardboard inserts. The standard slider box is made for six pre-rolls. A slider box is a lot like a matchbox where you push the inside tray to open the pack.

Pre-Roll Pull Packs with Ribbon

Pull packs are similar to slider boxes but come with a pull tag or ribbon at one end that makes it easy to pull out the pre-roll tray. Another style is with a top lid that completely encloses the bottom pre-roll tray and a ribbon attached to the tray allows for easy opening.

Pre-Roll Push Packs

Pre-roll push packs are similar to slider boxes with a pre-roll tray inside and a sleeve-like cover. The push packs are child resistant with some sort of child-proof opening mechanism. For example, it a hole at the back of the cover allows the user to push open the tray.

Pre-Roll Cigarette Boxes

These boxes are just like cigarette boxes with snap tops but made to fit standard pre-rolls. To make the boxes child resistant the cigarette pre-roll boxes come with a child-safety mechanism like a snap button on the side that locks the lid.

Pre-Roll Book Boxes/ Pre-Roll Flip Top Boxes

Pre-roll book boxes are premium boxes made with rigid cardboard for a luxury feel. These boxes flip open like a book hence the name.

Pre-Rolls Tuck End Boxes

Tuck-end boxes are a safe and secure way of packaging pre-rolls. They are child-resistant and keep the pre-rolls fresh. The top and bottom flaps of the box are tucked securely. Think of a box of cards.

Sleeve and Tuck Boxes for Pre-Roll Packs

The slider boxes, pull packs, and push packs can also include a cardboard sleeve or tuck box cover for added protection.

Material Used for Pre-rolls Packaging

There are a few different materials available for eco-friendly paper packaging for pre-rolls. Let’s take a look.

Cardboard for Pre-rolls Packaging Boxes

Cardboard is one of the most commonly used materials for packaging boxes. Cardboard boxes are easily foldable so they can be made into a variety of box styles. Cardboard boxes are recyclable and affordable. These can very easily be customized for your brand.

Corrugated Fiberboard for Pre-rolls Packaging Boxes

Corrugated boxes are sturdier than cardboard boxes. Made with three layers, a fluted layer sandwiched between two smooth layers, corrugated boxes are strong and durable. These can also be customized with your brand colors and logo. Corrugated boxes are also good for shipping your products securely.

Rigid Paperboard for Pre-roll Packaging Boxes

Rigid packaging is used for high-quality luxury items. This is because rigid paperboards are made with very strong thick paperboards. Being very thick, it cannot be easily bent. These boxes are suitable for pre-roll book boxes to give your customers a luxury experience. Keep in mind that this style can also be more costly.


Pre-rolls are rapidly growing in popularity. With so many pre-roll brands competing for customers’ attention, investing in your pre-roll packaging can make your brand stand out from the rest. Knowing the different styles of pre-roll packaging can empower you to choose a style that fits your brand. We hope our guide will help you make the right choice.

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