19 Mind-Blowing Tips To Make Custom Bakery Boxes

If you have come across the research article by Lindsey Smith Tailie at "Nutrition Journal"; you would have read, home cooking in America has considerably increased. Even men in the kitchen did 14% more cooking experiments than women. Pity! I only found her research from 2003 to 2016. The latest data is not available. 

Bakeries and the cottage-food industry have big chunks in the local food economy. I am not sure about the present stats. But the home baking business had a value of $20 billion in the previous year. Well, I got these states from pewtrusts.org. Today I am going to pen down nineteen remarkable tips to adore your custom printed bakery boxes. I Hope, the following contents will help you. It won’t take long for you to go through the below draft. So, let’s start numerically.

1.    Box Size 

First; see what is the product you need the boxes for? Do you need a custom cake packaging box, a cookie box, muffin printed box, or a chocolate box? Well, all of them have different sizes, diverse making, and dissimilar handling measures. 

So, if you need boxes for cupcakes; measure the size of each cupcake. Then decide how many of them do you want to place in a single custom cupcake box?

Three? Four? or eight? After quantification and evaluation; forward the dimensions to your packaging vendor. And you can have a perfect cupcake packaging box.


2.    The Prototype

Some people think that a physical sample is not necessary. They say digital mockup is enough. But I think for making a custom-sized bakery box, it is better to have a preparatory prototype before starting the box productions.

An inaugural sample can give you a finer idea about the finishing details of the boxes. Thus, you can stay safe from a lot of errors and chaos. And you get satisfied! Then, you can order bakery boxes in bulk. 


3.    The Box Material

Let me tell you, custom kraft bakery boxes help a lot. But they are not suitable for every commodity. If you want to make your bakery a reliable and attractive name then I would suggest you go for thin cardstock. Or, yes, a combo box (cardboard + corrugated made) bakery boxes are also a handy packaging solution for you. 


4.    The Inserts

Do you need the inserts? Well, a lot of bakery products cannot be sold without them. These inlays and slots are vital to accommodate a variety of bakery goods. 

If you won’t place insertions in the box, it can ruin your creamy pastries or fluffy cookies. Inserts can be made in kraft, cardstock, and corrugated materials. Thus, you can deliver your products at faraway places without the fear of their de-shaping or perishing.


5.    Windows

I am a big advocate of custom bakery boxes with windows. Why? I feel a simple window enhances the box beauty minimum of up to 50%. Don’t you believe me? Windows help your customers to see through the products instantly. The “showcase panel” surely increases sales.


6.    Box Styles

I firmly believe in diversified box styles. Sometimes, box styles and their structures become the identity of your bakery products. I don’t say the box built-up should be complicated. But I say that it should be as different and as innovative as you can make it. You can try a heart shape for your custom cookie boxes.

Custom gable boxes, sleeve packaging boxes, and pyramid boxes can represent your home bakery splendidly. 


7.    Colors

Colors are very important. If you see; The Creator has made everything of this world in different colorations. These colors speak. If you want to turn your bakery into a recognizable brand then you should come up with a distinctive color. Afterall; every enterprise has a specific shade.

Red, yellow, orange, pink; these are all food colors and highly adored for the bakery business. You can select resembling colors like these. Once you finalize the brand color, creating designed patterns become so easy for you. 


8.    Logo

The logo is very important for your bakery or domestic confectionary. This is the identity of your brand. People remember your enterprise by the specific logo of your company. 

Make an attractive logo for your company. Then, keep adding the products under this mark. You can read my previous blog; Everything you need to know about custom retail boxes. Hence you can learn more about the business-boosting effects of the logo.


9.    Embossing and Debossing

You can highlight your logo more by embossing it. This “effect” just brings the logo upward from the box surface. Isn’t it pretty? You can also have a debossed logo. This is a “pressured” expression and it also looks great. You can use any of these options and can make your bakery packaging box more memorable.

10.    Foil Factor

Do you want to spend less and wanting royal results? Then, do try foil printing! This is very cost-effective and brings some regal and shiny impact. 

It is also known as block printing. You can get this in any of your desired colors i.e. gold, red, green, blue, etc. Want to know some more incredible foil marvels? Here’s a good read for you!

11.    Printings

We are blessed to enjoy the full-color printing in CMYK format, aka offset printing. Thus, you can have every type of digital images on your custom printed bakery boxes. You can also choose any of the Pantone shade for your boxes. If it is a single-colored box. You can also bring it in screen printing.

12.    Why Lamination?

Many of the people assume lamination is not necessary for bakery boxes. I think gloss or matte lamination should be a “must” on all the food packaging boxes. Why? Because almost all the bakery or food products are buttery or oily.

Now happens what? If you don’t apply a laminated layer on the boxes, the oil, cream or various food ingredients make the boxes greasy. Sometimes, bakery products affect the encasement and you can see the waxy spots on the various parts of the boxes. So, lamination is better. It protects the “box look” effectively. 

13.    Customize more!

Give some personalization freedom to your bakery customers. If they want anything written on the box, make it write i.e. their love messages and official texts, etc. 

You can adore the boxes with ribbons, flowers, tags, and many other embellishments. Customized customer support brings loyal consumerism to your bakery. Do try it!

14.    Themed Boxes

Make a special range of bakery packaging boxes for celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and holidays. You can try custom luxury rigid boxes for this momentous series. Make the high-end packaging boxes; fully decorate them and simply earn more!

You can have exuberant packaging in the form of custom Christmas boxes, custom gift boxes, even special custom Halloween boxes. Hence, you can offer your services on all occasions. 

15.    Ingredients Declaration

Once I met a man; he said, it is better to keep the success recipe to yourself. I never understood this. If you have added some special ingredients in your products; don’t hide them. Well, we have already the practice of printing ingredient details on the boxes.  

I ask you to be more open, more exposed to your customers. Anyone cannot match your personal taste of the products by just reading the essentials. Rather; revealing your recipe builds an unwavering class of customers for your bakery brand.

16.    Look the Details

Never ignore the packaging importance for any of your bakery products. Even if these are custom sandwich boxes; ask your packaging vendor to make them. By this, I mean, don’t consider any of your products small. Try to make the packaging to sell all of your products.

For instance; if you are also offering pastries; then, bring encasements for them. And if you are having pizzas then bring the custom mailer boxes. Present everything in stylish packaging. You will be admired.

17.    Shipping Facilities

I strongly suggest you make the boxes with shipping friendly qualities. You should select the sturdy materials for them. So, you can ship the bakery products to remote areas, cities, and even to nearby States.

You can select more durable and higher pt’s of cardstock while production of bakery boxes. Similarly, multi-layered corrugated material can make more reliable custom bakery packaging for deliveries. 

18.    Bulk Benefits

You can surely get cheap custom bakery packaging boxes in bulk. Packaging companies in the USA offer you wholesale prices for bulk productions. It is very easy. Get the prototype, verify its compatibility. Then order in maximum numbers. So, you can easily get attractive and cheapest bakery packaging boxes.

19.    “Low MOQs” Problem

It is American tradition to bake and parcel the sweets as gifts. Whether this is Christmas, Easter, any birthday, or a wedding; a lot of home baking is done countrywide. The main hurdle for housewives is to have the custom bakery boxes in low MOQs. If they go to Amazon or Etsy, not all the vendors provide customized bakery packaging. It is difficult to get them in the required sizes and inserts. Folks cannot have all the required frills and trims. So, what they need? A packaging company; that can make their intended numbers of boxes. Now the plight is that not so many packaging companies in the USA make bakery boxes below fifty production units. Why not take a tour of Packhit? 

You are right! This is the packaging company where I write! Want to know more about the bakery packaging? You can email  me. Comments are also welcomed! Bye-bye! 

Alex 16 August, 2021
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