10 Top WWE Action Figures to Collect in 2023

28 February, 2023
10 Top WWE Action Figures to Collect in 2023

“In order to become a wrestler, one should have the strength of a weight-lifter, the agility of an acrobat, the endurance of a runner, and the tactical mind of a chess master.” – Alexander Medved

Wrestling fans around the world love watching their favorite WWE stars battle it out in the ring. It’s an entertaining hobby and talking about your favorite stars with your wrestling-enjoying friends is super fun. In fact, there are many online forums devoted exclusively to WWE news and discussion. One thing that separates die-hard fans from the average fans is collecting the action figures of WWE stars. If you love watching WWE and just can’t get enough of it, you probably enjoy collecting WWE action figures. Collectors are excited about what the year 2023 will bring in terms of WWE action figures. In fact, they have already started searching for “New WWE Action Figures 2023”. But finding the right information may not be easy. In this article, we’re discussing the latest releases and upcoming action figures in the year 2023. Are you ready? Let’s go.

The Popularity of Wrestling

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport. Think about it, before the invention of rackets, balls, bats, etc. fighting each other with your bare hands while your tribe cheered on was a way of entertainment for people of earlier times. Greeks trained for physical strength by wrestling. Then the Romans took it further by building amphitheaters where wrestling was a popular form of entertainment for the Roman citizens. Wrestling has continued to be popular among the masses all these centuries.

Wrestling is a sport with few rules and allows for a free expression of physical strength. However, it is not just physical strength that matters. A wrestler also has to be mentally sharp in order to defend and punch. WWE has taken the sport to the next level. It is characterized by dramatic performances and flashy costumes. WWE wrestlers also have to be performers as the ring is now the stage where each contestant also has to win the hearts of audiences. Millions of fans around the world love watching the action happen live. According to its website WWE broadcasts to over 180 countries in 30 languages.

WWE Action Figures

If you’re not an action figure collector you might be wondering why to collect action figures when you can watch the sport any time you want. Sure, you can watch WWE on the TV or on your phone or tablet and watch recorded shows any time of the day. But collecting WWE action figures is another hobby in itself. It stems from the love of watching WWE and takes your enjoyment of the sport to the next level. It’s like watching a spin-off TV show of your favorite TV show. You want to enjoy that world for as long as you can. And WWE action figures let you enjoy the world of WWE forever.

Collecting action figures is a way to connect with your favorite WWE stars. You can bring them to your home and play with them, create different wrestling scenarios, or just display them proudly on your shelf. Or in the case of this collector dedicate an entire room in your house to your collection!

If you are a hardcore fan of WWE, then collecting the WWE action figures is the natural next step for you. It is an extension of your favorite hobby. If you don’t collect WWE action figures perhaps it’s time to give it a try!

Who Makes WWE Action Figures?

Poseable action figures of WWE wrestlers have been popular since the 80s. Currently, the toy company Mattel (creators of the Barbie doll) manufactures WWE action figures. In the past, the official contract for manufacturing WWE action figures has passed between multiple companies. The first wrestling action figures were manufactured by LJN in 1984. When LJN shut down its toy manufacturing division, the wrestling action figure contract was given to Hasbro by WWF (the previous name of WWE). Hasbro manufactured the action figures from 1990 to 1996 when the contract moved to Jakks Pacific. Mattel started producing WWE figures in 2010 and continues to date.

New WWE Action Figures 2023

So what new action figures are delighting WWE fans in 2023? Would you be seeing another action figure of your favorite WWE star this year? To find the answers we scoured the world wide web to see what new action figures are being released. Here we would like to credit Ringside Collectibles, the most widely respected top retailer of Mattel WWE action figures on the internet. The company is known not only for its high-quality service but also for its annual event to bring together WWE fans and stars. In an interview the owner Jonathan Piontkowski said, “When I was 12 years old I was on the AOL wrestling figure message boards doing a lot of buying and selling. I've always been a lifelong wrestling fan and it's been a big passion and hobby that grew into a business over time.”

We have gathered new releases and upcoming action figures from Ringside collectibles. So without further ado here are the new WWE action figures for 2023 for you to collect!

    1. John Cena (Mario-Style Shirt) - WWE Elite Top Picks 2023 (Wave 3)

    2. John Cena is widely considered to be one of the greatest wrestling stars of all time. People in every part of the world are familiar with his name. A 16-time World Champion, John Cena is a living legend. John Cena fans, called “Cenation”, eagerly anticipate the release of his latest action figures. Mattel WWE Elite Top Picks 2023 series is sure to delight fans with this special edition of the John Cena action figure. This action figure comes with a black Mario t-shirt along with a baseball cap in red, blue, and white with a 16 Up emblem. The figure is wearing the wrestler’s iconic denim shorts and black and white sneakers. It also comes with an armband, wristbands, and knee pads. Moreover, it comes with an additional pair of hands. The other action figures in WWE Elite Top Picks 2023 series include Bobby Lashley and Ronda Rousey. The action figures in this series retail at $29.99

    3. Bobby Lashley - WWE Elite Top Picks 2023 (Wave 3)

    4. Bobby Lashley, aka “The All Mighty”, is an eight-time world champion with a spectacular wrestling record even before joining WWE. This Bobby Lashley action figure features bright red tights with the logo of “The All Mighty”. The figure comes with an elbow pad, black wrist tape, and black boots. It also includes the WWE Championship belt!

    5. Ronda Rousey - WWE Elite Top Picks 2023 (Wave 3)

    6. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is a powerhouse WWE star who started out as a mixed martial artist winning the bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She has gone on to win fame and fans at WWE. This action figure is dressed in a white top featuring the “Rowdy” logo and a red printed kilt. The figure is wearing black gauntlets and red and white sneakers. A lot of detail clearly went into her features because she is looking fierce! The most exciting accessory is the WWE Raw Women’s Championship belt!

    7. Roman Reigns - WWE Series 137

    8. Roman Reigns is regarded as a top wrestler in the world. The WWE superstar is a six-time world champion and the current longest-reigning WWE Universal Champion. So it’s no wonder that Roman Reigns action figures sell like hotcakes. This WWE Series 137 Roman Reigns action figure is wearing his popular Needle Mover black t-shirt, black pants, and red shoes. It has an impressive headscan and realistic tattoos.

    9. Seth Rollins (Regular Version) - WWE Series 137

    10. Seth Rollins is the only wrestler in the world to have held all three of WWE's current top titles namely WWE, Universal, and NXT Championships. He is also the only person to ever hold both the WWE Championship and the United States Championship at the same time. This Seth Rollins action figure comes wearing black pants and gold high boots and black and white wristbands. The wrestler looks triumphant with an accurate headscan.

    11. The Rock - WWE Series Top Picks 2023 (Wave 3)

    12. Our list would not be complete without including the legendary Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is one of the greatest professional wrestlers, a ten time world champion. Fans cannot get enough of The Rock and this is evident from the success of his blockbuster hit films. The Rock action figure from the WWE Series Top Picks 2023 is estimated to release in mid-February with a retail price of $14.99. The action figure is displaying The Rock’s charming smile and showcases his famous tattoos. The figure is wearing black elbow pads, black pants, and black shoes.

    13. Mr. America Hulk Hogan (Blue Mask w/ Single Star) - WWE Elite 101

    14. Hulk Hogan is a true wrestling icon with millions of fans around the world. The Mr. American Hulk Hogan action figure is decked in red, blue, and white. It also comes with a removable belt, a fabric shirt, and feather boas. It comes with two different heads; masked and unmasked. The action figure is set to release in late January 2023 and retail at $31.99.

    15. Matt Cardona - Major Podcast Super 7 Ultimate Figure

    16. Matt Cordona joins the WWE Super 7 Ultimate series with an amazing action figure. The Pro Wrestling Champion and host of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast is getting an action figure that comes with multiple heads and hands. The action figure retailing at $74.99 is expected to release in June 2023.

    17. Brian Myers - Major Podcast Super 7 Ultimate Figure

    18. The multiple times pro wrestling champion, and co-host of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Brian Myers also gets his own action figure in the Super 7 Ultimate series. The action figure comes with a host of accessories including his popular “Most Professional Wrestler” jacket, removable hood, and his podcast chair! Releasing in Jun 2023 this action figure is priced at $74.99.

    19. Elite 100 Series

      Okay, number 10 is not a single action figure but a series, the WWE Elite 100 series. This series includes a lineup of WWE stars. The six action figures in this series include The Rock, John Cena, “Stunning” Steve Austin, Becky Lynch, Andre The Giant, and Rey Mysterio. The complete set retails at $169.99 and will be available in mid February. The action figures can also be purchased individually for $29.99 each.

WWE Action Figures Packaging

For action figure collectors, the action figure box holds a special value. Some people open their action figures and toss away the packaging while others keep their action figures secure in their boxes. Keeping the action figure packaging intact keeps the figures in mint condition and increases the resale value. The choice of opening the box or not is a collector’s prerogative but manufacturers always strive to have high-quality packaging to provide the best experience to their customers. After all, unboxing is an experience in itself as evidenced by this video

The common packaging style for WWE action figures is a plastic blister type box that is then fit inside a cardboard box. There are also blister packs with carded backs. However, more and more companies are now shifting towards sustainable packaging for their products. This shift is mainly driven by a collective consumer conscience toward sustainability. It is yet to be seen when Mattel will switch to plastic free packaging.


Wrestling remains one of the most popular sports in the world evidenced by the high fan following of WWE. True hardcore wrestling fans also love collecting their favorite WWE action figures. There are hundreds of different wrestling action figures out there and fans eagerly anticipate the latest releases of their favorite stars’ action figures. It’s only natural to wonder about the new WWE action figures 2023 and choosing which figures to collect is a tough choice. We have collected the best of WWE action figures in 2023 and we hope it will help you decide which figures to invest in. Happy collecting!

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