What No One Tells You About The Most Affordable Packaging!


I have become a fan of Infinite Tucker. When he started the race; he was a hurdler. As he finished it; he had become a “Superman”. Same, I think for “custom kraft boxes”. When they entered the retail arena; they were already dominating. But now they have surpassed all the packaging solutions in the USA with a long dive. 

Kraft is everywhere. I shop most of my gadgets from “The Home Depot” in New Castle, DE. As I drive through Sunset Boulevard to this favorite appliances’ hub; I see a pile of brown paper boxes, custom kraft bags, personalized tote bags, and a huge plethora of custom retail boxes.  

So, here I am today with some of the key points to bring the most cost-effective packaging solutions for your Etsy shops, Amazon trading, or for any of the retail ventures. Today, I will highlight the most desirable packaging possibilities in kraft material for you. The following contents can be a good help for you.


How kraft has won the packaging race?
Comparison with other materials
Exploring the wonders of kraft 
Some more picks from printed kraft packaging


How kraft has won the packaging race?

Very first factor: kraft is a totally eco-friendly material. Well, basically it is a composite material. In short; I can inform you that composite material is a mixture of two or more than two materials. It is manufactured with the essential wood pulp paper. It is highly non-toxic and odor-free paper; sturdy in strength and fully organic. 

Kraft stock is primarily produced for packaging purposes; thus, we see its usage in almost every type of packings and wrappings. 


Comparison with other materials

There are four famous types of materials used for packaging boxes; rigid, cardboard, corrugated, and kraft. Custom rigid boxes are the most expensive ones. As those boxes are made with greyboard or chipboard. Those are also totally handmade. So, you can understand, how much effort they take to build and how much labor is involved in them. Hence, when it comes to cost-effectiveness custom-made rigid boxes are out of the competition straight away. 

But keep in mind; if you need posh packaging then you cannot find any better solution than personalized rigid packaging boxes. Ok, now comes the cardboard vs kraft. If you ask me; I cannot recommend any better material than the cardstock. This is the absolute king. And this is the best for digital printing. That is why all the range of custom cosmetics boxes, custom bath bombs boxes, cake boxes, cereal boxes, and many of the retail boxes are made in cardboard material. The cardboard is white in its shade, that is why it can absorb and represent all of the colors in their true forms. But it is still costly than kraft. One more is left. And it is corrugated; again costly! So, ladies and gentlemen! Kraft is the winner. 

You cannot find any reliable packaging solution than kraft. I know its color is brown and it is not totally print-friendly. If you want to print a full-color image on kraft then it cannot fully comply with your expectations. But if you are getting extreme affordability then why not bear some of its limitations? And, let me tell you; you can do wonders with kraft despite all of its restraints. How? This blog is packed with those cost-saving ideas and tips that can be attractively helpful for your Etsy shop, Amazon trading, or and of the retail brands. Let’s start!


Exploring the wonders of kraft 

Kraft bakery packaging

If you have a confectionary business or a home bakery then kraft bakery boxes are the best for you; totally planet-friendly and cost-effective.

You can do a lot with these customized bakery boxes. Make the bakery boxes in kraft, make windows in them, and even kraft inserts are all the possibilities for you. You don’t need any other stocks. Kraft can fulfill all of your food packaging requirements. 


Kraft gift boxes

You can bring custom Christmas boxes, custom favor boxes, and all types of gift packing in kraft. 

Now, here is a very useful tip; if you want digital pictures on kraft boxes, you can print them by applying a white base color on the kraft. Then all the CMYK colors can be printed on that “white-base”. And you get, the best digital results.

Well, it is a bit complicated process for a non-packaging person. But it is true; at least at Packhit we offer a lot of print possibilities on kraft. Do you want to understand more? Why not give me a call and I would personally elaborate this feature more for you or any of our CSRs would talk to you. This is amazing indeed! 


Some more picks from printed kraft packaging

You can print a label in matte or gloss paper. Then this label is wrapped around the brown boxes. These are glued. And here you are. You don’t need more. This is very simple and affordable way to have the custom packaging boxes. You can also have printed product stickers to paste on kraft boxes.


The most cost-effective luxury boxes

Well, I managed to write some of the combo concepts in one of my previous blogs. You can read it. This indeed is a delicious packaging concept. Let’s have another option.

If you have a high-end product and you want to launch it in the retail market. At the same time; you are looking for the most affordable rigid packaging solutions then try ensembled packaging. It is not necessary that you should always make a sleeve box in a singular material. You can also make it in two different materials. Similarly, you can make two-piece boxes in varying stocks.

So, you can do this; ask your packaging vendor to make the sleeve in kraft and tray in the rigid. Here you are; this is the cheapest luxury sleeve box for you. Isn’t it?


Printed paper bags

Kraft takes the lead again. This is a reliable source to make custom shopping bags and custom tote bags with strings. Let me inform you Kraft bags are also known as paper bags. So, why don’t you choose them for the handling and carrying of your retail products?

You can make these kraft bags in any of the styles. These are eco-friendly and yes, we Americans love them.


Kraft hang tags

Here is another dreamy cheap packaging idea for you. Bring this material to make kraft hang-tags for product advertisements. 

You don’t need high-end stocks for tags or tiny-cards. Instead, make them in kraft. And you can also have kraft display boxes.

Kraft gift boxes and Kraft gift cards

Why don’t you try to bring custom gift card boxes and even custom gift cards in kraft? You can print them single or double colors. Some sensible designing can make the job easy for you. 

Kraft bookmarks

You can also have stylish customized kraft bookmarks in many styles.

Hope, this blog would be a great help for you to have the most affordable packaging solutions. Kraft will never disappoint you for any type of retail-ready packaging solutions. Cheers!