Most Commonly used Custom Soap Wrap Templates

Most Commonly used Custom Soap Wrap Templates

Are you looking for the Custom Soap Wrap Templates? Finding it hard to get proper templates for soap wraps? Don’t worry, I am here to discuss the problems you faced in detail. These are different types of templates for soap wraps listed below I will explain to you:

Product Custom Soap Wrap Template

These are some of the most common bar soap label templates used in the soap industry. Let’s dig in.

Rectangular shape Bar Soap Label Template

Generally, it comes up with a traditional rectangular shape with the printing of your logo and slogans with your desired design and styles. If you want your wraps to look different you can go with different printing styles and designs.

Square shape Template

Square like soap wrap template is also a very attractive template in the market. With this descriptive printable handmade soap label wrapping design, you can highlight your ingredients. Customize information such as net weight, brand name, and more.



Round or Circular shape Template

The perfect complement for soap wraps of any size is a round or circular shape. It makes your soaps more appealing and beautiful and gives a very unique look to the soaps.


Oval Shape Template

The most attractive soap shapes are oval shape soap as per its shape needs you can choose different templates or designs for the packaging.


Wrap Around

If you want to make something that stands out from the crowd, wrap your bar of soap in a proper wrap template. The use of these templates for wrap-around is suitable for the production of full-wrap packaging that has a professional appearance.


Custom/Unique Wrapping

In terms of creating a new template, you can go with custom packaging that gives the custom soap wraps a different look and make them unique.

Free Editable Templates for Soap Wrapping

Don’t you get proper templates of wraps for your soap anywhere? Don't panic! I will also provide you with free editable templates respectively as mentioned above for custom soap wrap:

Rectangular Editable Bar Soap Template

Following are the rectangular shape editable free wraps template for your soap. The creasing and cutting lines are mentioned;

You can download this editable soap wrap free template here!

Square Shape soap wrap design free editable template

In this sort of template all sides of the wraps will be the same which covers the soap as shown in the figure below:

 You can download the editable bar soap Square editable free template here!

Round or circular Editable Template

In this kind of template you can use wrapping paper to wrap a soap and just paste a log printed label on the wrap:

The square shape shows the soap wrap design for wrapping paper used to wrap soap on the other hand a round shape shows the label that will be used as a label on a wrap. Download a free editable round template here!

Oval Editable Free Template

In the case of an oval template, you can go with multiple types as you can use a rectangular or square template. The rectangular template with oval logo printed label, square template with oval logo printed label:

Download the editable free soap wrap oval Template here!

Wrap Around Editable Free Template

Wrap around editable free template is shown in the figure:


You can download the wrap around free editable template here!

You can download your desired handmade product custom soap
 soap wrapping templates.

Most Commonly used Custom Soap Wrap Templates
Alexander 5 August, 2022
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