How you can enhance the elegance of Custom Apparel Packaging?

As I entered “the world of Marc Jacobs”; I noticed he had not said anything at the page of his “about” web-link. Images; there were a lot of images of apparel, shoes, skirts, and clothing. I like him. He is one of my favorite fashion designers along with Michael Kors. If you have to get inspired by something new; go do check them. They both have expanded my vision for fashion wear. Simultaneously I came across some stupendous packaging of apparel. Let me tell you one thing at the starting of this blog. Apparel packaging is basically of two types.


1.    Apparel packaging that supports the brands
2.    Apparel packaging that elevates the brands

Before going further; I am going to give a brief description of the difference between both of them. If you ask me what type of packaging Michael Kors or Donna Karen want for their brands? I will tell you; they have become larger than life names. 

Their clothing and outfit series have dominated the market. People know them. So, right now they mostly work with a simple and sophisticated packaging approach. Though, this packaging is never too simple. It has always a luxury vibe in it. Because those brands have become luxurious. Usually, these are luxury apparel boxes. These are also known as rigid apparel boxes. 

The other type of packaging is what that equally participates in generating sales. This is the retail apparel packaging that boosts sales. It comes with some junky and funky images. It has also some vibrant feel in its appearance. This form of packaging is never too costly. 

Unlike rigid boxes, it is not handmade. These boxes are made from cardboard, kraft, and corrugated materials. We at Packhit have not only luxury clothing packaging boxes. But we are also selling a lot of styles for different retail sectors. Some of the famous encasements are; custom printed shirt boxes, custom bakery boxes, and some clothing gift boxes wholesale options. I have seen that these boxes are most suitable for cost-effective packaging. And they help in cutting the expenses during sales days.

So, as now we have learned about both of the forms of clothing packaging boxes. Let’s start discussing some of the features to enhance the elegance of custom apparel packaging. 


Think before customizing the packaging
Designers help you a lot with creative work
The key ingredients for packaging elegance
Transform their appearance more!


Think before customizing the packaging

The box structure is the first step before making them. So, first, decide what type of style you need for your garments range. There are many famous styles for apparel packaging boxes. You can make them in a tuck top or mailer box style. Two-piece box aka shoulder boxes in rigid and cardboard are also well known. Nowadays custom magnetic closure boxes are also booming the retail markets. 

Indeed, this is the beauty of customized packaging that leads you towards all the thinkable designs. Experience has taught me, that whatever you think, it can be made. You just have to confide in your packaging company. Tell your CSR how you want to open and close your box. And the representative will present you with a lot of possibilities.

Ok, let me share with you a bit of key advice. Don’t make a confusing and very detailed opening for your custom clothing boxes. I am watching various complicated opening folds of boxes for apparel. I don’t understand; why to confuse the customers with intricated designs? I am not anti-modern for packaging styles. Technology always develops by the time. Nevertheless, it does not work everywhere. Some retail products and decoration pieces look good in un-conventional styles of boxes. But if you have a daily life product then to keep it easy is the best. 


Designers help you a lot with creative work

Never underestimate the design power. I have seen a lot of folks who have very good design sense. But happens what? When it comes to design the box on the whole. They miss a lot of finishing elements. Designers are necessary! They help you to refine the details. They can help to properly make apparel boxes with logo. Why did I talk about the logo? It is very important for your brand recognition. This is only a small part of your packaging design. But it is the soul of your outlet. 

Designers can help you with a lot of minor details. For instance; if I talk about only typography. You can say a lot through word patterns. Then there are colors, illustrations, and various other combinations. Sometimes a simple design touching gives your box unparalleled heights. 

So, I recommend having a brilliant creative designer for your packaging solutions. Now, it is another challenging task to find the one. Well, keep finding; hope you can get a genuine artist. Or many of the packaging companies can be given this responsibility. Most of the time, they don’t disappoint you. 


The key ingredients for packaging elegance

Now, we have come to the implementation stage. Whatever you and the designer think; now is the stage to bring that into reality. Here comes the role of the printing press. Design by itself decides what type of printing will be required for it. Offset printing of CMYK is known to bring full-colored printing on your apparel packaging boxes. 

Sometimes, single colors are printed through orthodox screen print techniques. These are usually, one or two-color boxes. Right after printing, it is your decision that what type of lamination you want. Matte and gloss are both good options. I will recommend you to try spot UV. This feature is in the market for quite a time. And brings attractive illumination to the words and intended spots on the boxes.

A few days ago; I saw a box. That was plain. No colored printing. Even no lamination. That was all embossed. The logo and only some features were embossed. That was awesome. Instantly I wanted to see the designer who had designed that encasement. You would have noticed; the designer has been again highlighted here. Yes, that is the remarkable work of the designer. But I could not ignore the emboss effects on the box as well. 

Debossing is another prominent feature of apparel shipping boxes. This is how you engrave the insignia or desired features on the surface. So, there are a lot of variations for you to apply. You can fully customize the packaging boxes for clothing. 


Transform their appearance more!

And how can I forget foil printing? I had not mentioned it earlier. Now; I am going to share with you the key advice. It raises and uplifts the packaging standard, more and more. Why I am recommending this? This is the most affordable and easiest way to transform the splendor of your box. You apply foil touching and it instantly changes the look of the same box.

Foiling has always a glittering shine in its finish. Thus, when you see the impact, it is always royal. 

Many people assume that you can only have foil printing in gold and silver colors. This is not the fact. You can have this form of printing in any desired color. It always looks fabulous and it makes your cheap apparel packaging boxes, amazingly beautiful. If you have an Etsy shop then step forward and follow the aforementioned tips. Hopefully, you will not only save costs, but your packaging boxes will also rock! Cheers!!!

Alex 16 August, 2021
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