How Corrugated Boxes Are Supporting the Retail Industry?


Anything we buy; it comes in a packaging solution. It can be different. Sometimes, it can be in a bag, crate, jar, or a box. Kraft and cardboard stocks have rocked the US market. We see them everywhere. Shops, supermarkets, cinemas, and public places are filled with these boxes. 

But when it comes about high-end packaging then cardboard is an ultimate choice. I have seen many people, who sometimes get confused between the cardstock and corrugated materials. So why not today first start by giving an appropriate description of both of the products. 


Cardboard and Corrugated Stocks

This one is a genuine cardstock/cardboard box. You can identify it by its density. This card material is always thin. It might be a little hard. But It is never very dense and sturdy. 

Though it is a better choice and is largely used for the packing of retail goods. You can use them for the packing of cosmetics goods. Many Etsy shops sell their products in these boxes. Retailers also prefer them for cereals, burgers, and bakery packaging. 


What is Corrugated Stock?

Now, let me introduce you to an absolute corrugated packaging box. What does this box say to you? 

If you watch its flaps; You can see the wavy surface of its sheet. It is sturdier and thick than cardstock. This is also called a custom printed corrugated box. Usually, these types of boxes are used for deliveries and distant shipping. Or, these are utilized to pack tiny retail products in them. It would be better if here I describe a few of its characteristics. 


Nine Famous Features of Corrugated Stock


1.    Toughness at top: This is also called the bursting strength of the material. Hence, you check the resilience force of corrugated walls. And this is the beauty of these boxes. That         you can increase their durability at any time.

2.    Endurance: Every corrugated box is made of single, double, triple, or more layers. You can increase its endurance by adding more wavy layers. We test its firmness by “Edge         Crush Test” or ECT. Vertical pressure is applied to the walls of the corrugated box through this test.

3.    Water resistance: We test weather effects and moisture control of corrugated boxes by this procedure.

4.    Water absorption test: Thus, we test the water absorption of this material in many conditions. Corrugated boxes with multiple layers have different levels to soak up the water.

5.    Thickness: You can also measure the thickness of these boxes. And can ask the packaging suppliers to make them by your required thickness.

6.    Impact test: This is also called the puncture resistance test. Hence, we see how well this box can handle the impact of sharp and solid materials.

7.    Abrasion measures: Can a corrugated box resist abrasion, rubbing, and tearing effects? It is all tested.

8.    Compressing quality: The packing and stacking strength of these boxes can also be measured. Packaging companies in the USA also take tests of this factor.

9.    Chemical resistance: Sometimes this stage also comes. When we have to check the chemical compliance of the box material. But mostly it happens only in the required         situations.


Cost-effectiveness Cannot Be Ignored 

Corrugated boxes are amazingly cost-effective with all the characteristics. Amazing! Isn’t it? That’s why we see, whenever a product exceeds a certain weight limit. Corrugated boxes come as automatic support. For instance, you would surely have eaten pizzas. All pizzerias make their own custom pizza boxes. These boxes are made in corrugated materials. Hence, they carry the pizzas quite conveniently. 

Then we can see the same characteristics in custom mailer boxes. These are mostly made in corrugated stock. Mailer boxes are used for quite a long range of commodities. 

Ok, let me name a few more styles in corrugated material. These are; custom briefcase boxes, custom pie boxes, custom sports boxes, and even custom bakery boxes that are made in this stock.  


Cardboard Meets Corrugated Stock

But what if you have a product with bulky weight? And you also need all the print aesthetics of card stock. Then what would you do? As cardboard never complies with heavyweight products. If you put a commodity of considerable load then the box will tear up instantly. Here comes a cool solution. Cardboard plus corrugated boxes. 

This combo meets the requirements amazingly. That’s why many of the retail sectors go for this method. Computer, tv, footwear, and apparel industries only opt for custom corrugated boxes. 

These boxes are a combination of two materials. The outer layer is made of card stock. Hence, you get at all the aesthetics and shine in them. It is all due to the cardboard. But their premium density and sturdiness comes only with corrugated material, which is pasted beneath them. We at Packhit are making a lot of the combo boxes. These are quite a hit attraction. Two different types of stocks meet and a unique blend of packaging products comes into being.


How Corrugated Boxes are Better? 

Personally, what I have learnt from rigid and conventional packaging is that the combo of the two materials is ideally affordable. If you want the optimum sturdiness then no doubt, rigid is unparalleled. I am also not saying that corrugated boxes are as durable as rigid boxes. 

Rigid ones are made with greyboard or chipboard. But corrugated boxes are the best available solution for heavy product packaging if you cannot meet the high prices of luxury rigid boxes. 

If packaging companies take higher prices for rigid boxes then the product is worth it. Because those boxes are handmade. On the contrary, there is a lot of machine work involved in the making of corrugated boxes. These are manufactured in a shorter time. Labor expenses are less. You get a lot of protection from these boxes. Then why rigid? Yes, if you have ultra-precious products and you need high-end packaging boxes. Then, of course, rigid boxes are the ultimate solution. 


Eco-friendly and Recycling Factor

After the pandemic, I can say, we have become more cautious about our environment. I remember the days we used to highlight the environmentally friendly packaging to our clients. Many of them would least consider it. 

But the difficult time has taught us, what is the importance of the environment around us. So, now many of the people highly prioritize eco-friendly packaging boxes. 

The good news is that custom corrugated packaging boxes are eco-friendly. These can be easily recycled. You can use them again, again, and again!