A Complete Guide for Pillow Packaging Boxes


Most of my friends don’t agree with me that the Pillow boxes are the most beautiful boxes for the packaging needs. They start recalling the names of some other types and styles of boxes. But indeed, this is the fluffy and innocuous sort of appearance of this box which makes it highly attractive. In today's blog, there will be some easy ways to make and procure the custom pillow box packaging.

So, why not, first we start with some usages of this particular encasement. After the utilization, I would touch its guidelines.

Have a look through the following contents:

  • These are good for gatherings
  • Embellishing capabilities are adorable
  • Beauty tools industry utilization
  • Medicine sector also needs them
  • Materials that you can have
  • Shipping and transportation are easy 
  • Sectors that like these boxes
  • Add-ons add the value 
  • Recycling factor is also there

These are good for gatherings

Whether these are celebrations, festivals, official or family gatherings; custom printed pillow boxes have met the needs quite significantly. These boxes are liked and appreciated as favor boxes. They look adorable due to the bonny feeling. Therefore, these are used to pack the chocolates, sweets, and snacks for the get-together and weddings. I would suggest you give them a try as a source for presenting your presents. You won’t be disappointed. Ask the packaging vendor to make your custom pillow gift boxes and have a praising effect.

Embellishing capabilities are adorable

Some of the people like to embellish these boxes with ribbons, stickers and complimentary cards. Thus, when guests arrive in gatherings, these boxes are handed over to them. I feel it is their friendly grip, which makes them perfect pillow gift boxes. Experience them anytime. You would notice that whenever you take them in your palm, they just fit in it conveniently. Get them, stuff them with anything you want. 

Beauty tools industry utilization

Custom printed pillow boxes are extensively preferred for beauty tools packaging. As these are astonishingly handy with their appealing look. A lot of big brands are using personalized pillow boxes for their cosmetics packaging. Every commodity was just placed in them. Try to pack bottles in them, soaps, tissues or any of the eye shadow brushes, these cases are splendidly helpful to carry and display the goods. Hair extensions and mascaras are also used to stuff in them. Certainly, it is up to you. If a thing can be packed in them. Go with these boxes, these are famous. People will like their favorite products packed in them.

Medicine sector also needs them

Corrugated pillow boxes have also been seen in the nourishment and medication industries. Polythene and cellophane covered inside layers of these boxes ensure the refreshing placement of health products. Tablets and capsules can also be bundled in them quite suitably. 

It is their easy opening and closing which has made these boxes a talk of the town. These covers can be easily unsealed by even a child. Effective compliance with their functions is there for you. 

Now let me assert to you some of the guiding points for the packaging guide of personalized pillow boxes. Further content will surely help you to have the needed packaging solutions for your products.

Materials that you can have

The first thing which is definite that these boxes cannot be constructed in the rigid structure. You cannot produce this box with a higher density of materials. Rigid casings are made with extra durable cardboard. So, to fold them in the pillow design is not possible for the packaging manufacturers. Suppose, if you contact at Packhit to make the custom pillow box packaging in sturdy material, we will show you the real way to get them. 

It is not attainable to achieve the desired frame of the pillow boxes in sturdier resources. What happens next? We will ask you to have kraft paper pillow boxes. You can also make these boxes in cardboard materials.

These materials are eco-accommodating and light-weighted; thus, they can be easily bent and mold. 

When you opt for cardstock or kraft pillow boxes bulk solutions, then an amazing benefit comes with them. These boxes are supremely affordable. The reason is simple; aforementioned both materials are accessible at very low prices. Isn’t it the good news? You can have custom pillow boxes wholesale plans cost-effectively.

Shipping and transportation are easy 

Then comes the transportation. They do not put a burden on your pocket. Deliver, dispatch or ship wherever you want. You can make a bundle of them. Stuff these boxes in a big corrugated box and send it anywhere in the world. Because these boxes are made with less durable materials so to make a stack of them easy. You can fill a small truck with thousands of pillow boxes. This is genuine packaging support.

Sectors that like these boxes

Let’s specifically have some talk about kraft. We Americans do love this material. There is no second opinion about that. As Kraft manufacturing is a sign of the light packaging and adaptable compliance. The food sector is amongst the highest consumers of pillow boxes. Do you want to see burgers packing, hot dogs serving or even if you need a tissue to wipe? You can find it in the small pillow boxes. 

Add-ons add the value 

Multi-color pillow boxes come with some more modification options.  

If you have made this box in the cardstock then obviously you can have endless customization options. Cardstock is the material that can bring all the print and add-on embellishments. If you have any of the patent brand colors, they can be neatly printed on cardboard pillow boxes. Whatever type of lamination you want to have on these boxes; you can have. 

Spot UV is relatively a new feature of the prime printing results. You can aesthetically apply this hallmark of beautification on your logo, or product name. Thus, get a unique shine.  

You can have all types of designing experiences on these boxes. As pillow kits provide you some vast surface to show the design capabilities. All the illustrations and digital patterns can be quite remarkably seen on them. 

Window cut-outs are another highly appreciated characteristic of pillow boxes with handles. Windows are sliced with the highly refined die-cut process. These windows provide your customers with the instant view of the product. Thus, people don’t have to tear the box, pull out the product and see it. Make a window in the box. Place it on the shelf. And let the customers see your retail commodities through the window on the packaging kit. 

And, windows are protected with cellophane or PVC sheets. Packhit provides you all the packaging solutions which are needed to craft your themed pillow boxes.

Recycling factor is also there

I think I should highlight one more sound aspect of these cases. Being ecological! Oh yes! how can I forget this? Since these boxes are made with premium quality papers of cardboard and kraft, therefore, they are. Completely recyclable! In the ever-changing world of innovations, it is needed to have a nature-friendly packaging. Today we need green surroundings that are unprecedented. 

So, here we are, you should use pillow boxes more and more. These are the boxes with all the packaging qualities that one can desire.