The Amazing Facts About Custom Sleeve Boxes


They say that an English chemist John Walker was the first man who successively made the first friction match in 1826. Now, I have no idea who made the first matchbox. But I do know that we at Packhit make splendid matchboxes. Oh please! don’t get confused by the title at the top. Sleeve boxes are the same style aka matchboxes. This one is undoubtedly one of the sleekest packaging trends existing right now in the packaging industries.

Custom printed sleeve boxes are the ideal packaging source that makes an item elegantly appealing and substantially more attractive. Eccentric and exceptional designs of these boxes are distinguished from other boxes. 

My first interaction with these boxes occurred when I had to purchase a gift for one of my friends. That was a regular combo of some gift items; watch, the wallet and a fountain pen. The thing that impressed me more was its packaging. As I opened the kit, it was not a common box like a separate lid or base. Rather it was this; the sleeve box, with a ribbon attached at one of its corners. I opened it. And the elegance was there. Perhaps it was the opening experience that compelled me to buy the product.  I think that was the day when I realized how packaging boxes allure customers to try new things. 

Custom sleeve boxes can carry all of the personalized themes. Read the following and you would surely give a try to them.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Industry usages
  • Materials and choices
  • Packaging experience
  • Graphic designing aspects

Attractive appearance

Let’s first dive into the making process of sleeve boxes. These are two-piece boxes. One is a sliding frame; this is what is called the sleeve and the second is a tray which rests in the sleeve. Let me tell you one more name of these boxes; if you contact us at Packhit and ask us to make drawer boxes, then be assured; you have asked us to make sleeve boxes.  This box can be manufactured in all of the densities. When it comes to rigid construction, these boxes are there. Even to me, I have seen many of the times more sleeve boxes in rigid materials than in cardstock or Kraft. 

Cardboard sleeve packaging is famous in the retail world. Have you seen some extensive usage in this series of encasement? Let’s have an imaginary tour of sleeve boxes. And together we see how these boxes are dominating the packaging culture across the US and Canada.

Industry usages

I saw many of the shirts, t-shirts, and trousers packed in custom cardboard sleeve boxes. Clothing lines like to have these boxes for their cravat, ties and scarfs packaging. Usually, the sleeve of these boxes is printed in enchanting designs and dazzling colors. And, the sizing of these boxes is relatively large. So, the costumes and outfits can be stuffed in them conveniently. Thus, you can have a prior idea that these boxes have quite a sturdy compliance to carry and display the things. 

Materials and choices

Kraft paper packaging for sleeve boxes is also adored a lot. In one of my previous blogs, I wrote that we Americans love kraft. It is true, we are a kraft nation. Look! wherever it was possible to make the packaging in Kraft, we have made it. Inevitably, Kraft has become the most favorite material that is utilized in the assembling of sleeve boxes. There are a lot of people who like to have a combination of both; cardstock and kraft or corrugated stock and kraft. How do they do it? 

Many of the times sleeves are made in the kraft material and trays are produced in cardboard or corrugated stock. It is a good idea indeed. Kraft does not have much endurance and durability, which is needed to carry hefty items. So, it is thought to have a sturdy material for the drawer and comparatively a lightweight material for the outer sleeve. You can also try this idea for all of your packaging needs. I endorse this concept. It is also cost-effective with all the longevity that you need. 

Thus, you come with a mammoth of options to place the items in these dual-material boxes. You can place electronic gadgets, perfumes and even some heavy commodities in these boxes. 

Packaging experience

If you ask me, sleeve gift boxes are my top most favorite among the whole product packaging of sleeve boxes. There is something special with their presentation. No matter what you put in it. Pulling out the tray is an experience of its kind. It is a classic box to present the presents of your family members and friends. You can print anything you want on these boxes. Love messages for your dear ones. Special notes for official gatherings or complimentary messages at weddings. Conceive! for what purpose you need these boxes and utilize them for the same reason. 

The major groundbreaking style amongst these boxes is of custom cardboard sleeve boxes. I always recommend every reader to use the cardstock as much as possible. Because this is the material that gives you leisure to imprint your dream designs with genuine affordability. This material is less pricey. Less in weight. Less in density. Milky wight in color. Easy to bend. Efficient to mold. And it can represent all of your desired colors in their true hues and shadings. What else do you need? You cannot have better custom printed sleeve boxes without this material.  Once you opt for cardstock, dream big! 

Graphic designing aspects

All of the graphic designers like this material the most. You can ask us or your designer to make the best in the world designs for your personalized sleeve boxes’ bulk production. And then the printer can print the actual colors with quite a comfort. Place your company logo at a proper place on the box. Fill it with the patent color of your brand. 

Give your product specifications. Sleeve box is there, you can easily manifest all of the needed specs on these boxes.

You can have all types of lamination on these cases. Well, right now we can offer you two of its types. Gloss and matte. Though matte has overshadowed the gloss finish. But it is still there and prevailing. Spot UV is another alluring aspect for you to have. Illuminate your product name with this distinctive feature. Or you can give the shining look to your logo as well. 

If you try two of the most beautiful add-ons for your product packaging of sleeve boxes, then, obviously you won’t get disappointed; embossing and debossing. Emboss just uplifts the impression of logos, brand names and the images. And deboss is like engraving the box surface. These features should be used carefully. And the product box just gets splendid in its appeal. That is guaranteed.

Custom sleeve boxes wholesale solutions are not difficult to acquire. I tried to sum up a brief intro and usage synopsis in the blog for you.