Everything You Need To Know About Custom Retail Boxes

There are almost thirty-five types of packaging in the world. It has so many diversities; starts from wooden crates to glass, plastic, tin, jute, and then paper. To be very true; I don’t know much about other forms of packaging. But since paper packaging is my “line”, so, today I will try to sum up the key points of premium paper packaging. Initially, we have to understand; what premium papers are. Well, these are three basic types of materials; cardboard, corrugated, and kraft stocks. To me; these are three top stocks as we at Packhit make packaging boxes with thrice of them. 

Pandemic had its highs and lows. But we saw that online e-commerce networks like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, etc. saw an incredible surge in their revenues. A recently published research informs that online merchants earned $107 billion more in 2020. I was closely watching; almost every company that could go online shifted its sales operations on the websites. And then packaging saw a new breed of boom which was unseen before.

Undoubtedly, paper box packaging is a huge line. Cardboard shipping boxes and custom mailer boxes have emerged as the basic source of product deliveries. And nowadays customized packaging has become a part of our lives. Why not have a talk about do’s and don’ts of retail packaging boxes? I have gathered some key points in the following contents.


What is the retail packaging?
An overview of packaging diversities 
“Three Rs” and premium stocks for packaging
Why do you need custom retail packaging?
Key ingredients to make custom retail boxes
What should a custom retail box communicate?


What is the Retail Packaging?

Retail packaging is the identity of your products. There are many “deals” available on Amazon with “non-retail packaging”, but I am not certain about those products' viability. Why? They don't even have proper packaging. Retail packaging indicates that your product is “Original”. Most of the people never keep the box after buying the products, rather they throw the packings in the trash. But the packaging is what gives your product its significance. Packaging transforms your goods into “Branded products”. Once these products turn into branded commodities; people pay more! Because they trust brands. 

Custom retail packaging allows you to set higher prices for your products. Retail packaging boxes and bags are just like the clothes of your products. It is up to you; what types of clothes do you want to make them wear. Probably this was the phenomenon that we got a specific term of custom luxury rigid boxes. High-end boxes came for high-quality products. In short; this is your retail packaging that creates customer loyalty. Hence, your brand becomes more valuable.

An overview of Packaging Diversities

So, now we have come to a stage when different types and styles of boxes are very well known. Retailers know them. Customers have good knowledge about them. Even the boxes have been associated with some specific products. 

For instance; custom cake boxes, chocolate boxes, bath bomb boxes, Chinese food boxes, or shoe boxes. Every style of these boxes has been attributed to the products. This is the rise of the packaging and collaboration of the products. 


“Three Rs” and Premium Stocks for Packaging

Well, I have mentioned earlier that mankind has reached over thirty types of packaging. At Packhit, we are manufacturing the boxes, bags, tags, and some of the stationary materials; all in premium paper stocks.

The paper packaging in itself is an ocean. Good thing is that I got a chance to work for environmentally friendly packaging goods. Why like many other Americans I prefer green packaging? Because of “three famous Rs”; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling. Till now, I am unable to find a better packaging solution than paper packing products. These are sturdy enough to hold the objects until your customers buy them. Their supreme affordability cannot be ignored. Since kraft has emerged; it has overshadowed a lot of material options.  

And when it comes to “three Rs”, it is reducing land waste. You don’t have to burn or dispose of them. We use paper, cardboard, kraft, and corrugated materials again and again. Your customers buy a product, they dump the packings, then it is recycled further. It is the same as sunlight, that renews by each coming day.


Why do you need Custom Retail Packaging?

It is obvious; you cannot give the products in the bare hands of your customers. You have to have some sort of packaging for your commodities. Here comes the custom printed packaging. Once you define your brand and its values; you always envision how it will look in its packaging. For instance, if you have a theme in mind to make a custom cosmetics box or a perfume box; you decide their all features, inserts, and sizes, etc.  

This is the time; when you decide the packaging structure of your box. You cannot bring simple white shipping boxes for your products. You need a personalized packaging for your products. Whether these are pouches, bags, or boxes; now your search for a packaging company begins. Custom box packaging companies in the USA take their responsibilities. Or at least, what I learned from Packhit; we make boxes from scratch. And usually, you get the packaging products at your location. I hope all other packaging companies have the same work ethics.


Key ingredients to make Custom Retail Boxes

Design is the first step in making custom retail packaging boxes. Well, this blog is about the boxes at its core. So, I would primarily focus on the retail-ready packaging boxes. Why is packaging design important? This is the “layout” of your brand. This is the theme. And this is how you want to introduce your product on the shelves. You decide colors, patterns, and packaging structure for your product while designing. 

“Brand logo” leads in all the design process. Before launching any product, you need a personalized logo for your brand. The logo is an ownership symbol of the company; imprinted on the products. Once you get a catchy and patent emblem, then, you make an identity for your products. And it becomes easy for you to add more products under your brand belt. When customers see their favorite trademark, they associate the products with the service standards of that brand. Anything that you bring to pack the goods for the selling purposes will be called retail packaging. Hence, custom fast-food boxes or any type of custom printed food boxes that you need to pack the products are included in the packaging list.

If we erase all the printing from a custom French-fries box and let it remain simply white, how would you know that these fries are from a particular brand? No way! No one can judge. If you have to make your mark, you would have to come up with the brand logo, colors, and a genuine theme. 

A personalized French-fries packaging box grabs your attention. It communicates with you. It intrigues you and you want to read what is written on the box; who prepared these fries. Even the box says, “I am special!”


What Should a Custom Retail Box Communicate?

Every product has its kind of aura. Hence, it needs a distinctive type of packaging. If you are making boxes for bakeries then you need custom cake boxes or some other types of cookie gift boxes, etc. These are all cardboard or kraft boxes, contrarily if you need boxes for garments then usually you pick the territory of custom-made luxury rigid boxes with inserts. I agree; cheap custom apparel boxes are there but not so many companies prefer them.

Now let me share with you some of the vital and evocative factors of the printed packaging boxes. 

All the retail packaging boxes wholesale solutions should be highly “impressive”. Many people say that it is a matter of some seconds. People see the product on the shelf and they make an opinion about it. After all the advertising, TVCs, and print media marketing; retail boxes fight the war on their own. When a customer puts a little gaze on your goods; this is “the moment”, your retail product packaging wins or loses. Make it a winner! Impressive colors, remarkable logo, and addressing the “pain points” of your customers complete the retail boxes. This is the “custom printed retail packaging” that turns your company into a “brand”.

Ok, see you! until the next blog!!! cheeeers!

Alex 16 August, 2021
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