Attractive Customization for Custom Soap Boxes


Soaps have existed in our lives for almost 3000 years. Mesopotamian civilizations to recent times, they have become a daily life necessity of ours. And, after the COVID-19 pandemic, their importance has been increased more than ever. Today we need more and more soaps. Thus, we need them in flooding quantities. And, this blog was also a need of the hour. That is why today I thought to write a thorough note on providing you some guidelines to make custom soap packaging. The below contents can help you in this regard.

Initially, I would talk about the packaging of hygienic soaps. And, after that, I will discuss some recommendations for beauty and cosmetic soaps. 

  • What is your soap type?
  • Resources compliance for boxes
  • Transportation convenience is ensured
  • Do you want to have colorful boxes?
  • Die-cut box packaging style
  • Rigid craftsmanship is a good option
  • Being ecological is better for packaging

Custom soap boxes with windows

What is your soap type?

Inevitably, you first have to decide; what your product is? As we know there are four major types of soaps; Glycerin soaps, organic, beauty, and triple-milled soaps. These all need different types of packaging. 

If we talk about organic and glycerin soap bars, then we can say that these are at the top due to their hygienic characteristics. What type of soap packaging do you need for them? Simple! Just simple! You don’t have to do much. I would recommend you to choose the most cost-effective and affordable easy means for these soaps. 

Resources compliance for boxes

Custom kraft soap boxes are the most cost-effective and ideal solution for your organic soap representation. Kraft is way more economical than you can think. And how it complies with your packing needs. Through this material; you can produce bulk soap boxes. Spend less amount and get an enormous quantity. 

Kraft packaging is less in weight. Therefore, whenever you have to ship your products to outstations, you can transport or ship them quite conveniently. Just in un-assembled form. Make a pile and deliver wherever you have to. 

Transportation convenience is ensured

More sturdy or assembled packaging like rigid boxes takes much of your shipping costs then these boxes. As rigid box is the sturdiest amongst a whole lot of boxes. It is almost impossible to bend or mold them. So, when it comes to ship or export rigid luxury boxes, then it is required to deliver them in a fully assembled packing.

This is not the case with kraft packaging boxes. You can send them worldwide in a collapsible structure. This material comes in its natural tone of mustard brown. So, you don’t have to print many colors on them. Only one or two colors are enough. 

The main feature of these boxes is the product inside. Indeed, the name, “organic” is enough for its target customers. These consumers don’t need embellished and glittery packing. They need hygienic soap for themselves. So, if your soap is fulfilling their requirements. Then the rest is less important for them.   

We at Packhit, just provide you the packaging that you need. 

Similar is the case with glycerin and triple-milled soaps, these soaps also have higher health benefits, so they also have a big customer list. Most of the time, we find these soaps in pharmacies and grocery stores. 

Do you want to have colorful boxes?

Let me add a few adorned packaging themes. You can try cardboard soap packaging for these boxes. Cardboard is the protagonist material for retail soap packaging. With this material, you leap towards the higher horizon of print and packing possibilities. 

Once you decide to have cardboard soap boxes then the role of your graphic designer instantly increases. As of now a lot of options come in front of you. You can think about various colored themes. Because the whitish tone of this paper is capable of absorbing and representing all of the colors for you. The real-life images and tones can be fully achieved. This material shows your patent product color in its true form. 

Its density is quite commendable. You can easily bend the cardboard boxes for soap packaging. Unlike Kraft, this material has reinforced durability. So, you can choose it according to your needed specifications. 

Print all the required product details on custom printed soap boxes. So, your customers can have a prior idea about the product.  

You can have both kinds of lamination on these boxes; gloss and matte. In recent past years, I have seen the matte layer has won the consumers' hearts extensively. So, go with this feature with confidence. People will like them. 

Beautiful soap packaging can also be achieved by wise use of gold and silver foiling. Block printing is a stupendous source of encasement elegance. You can have this type of foiling in any of the colors. Though the festivity of gold and silver colors is also there for you.                                                                                                                                            

Custom printed soap boxes are famous due to CMYK color methodology. This is the most famous color printing technique. The advance print mechanism is a must for the true themed colors of your brand. You can also have print facilities through screen printing.

cardboard soap packaging

Die-cut box packaging style

I have often seen many of the soap boxes with sliced window cut-outs. This is called the die soap packaging. If you have gone through the Packhit product list; you would have come to know that we have specified a box style by the name of die-cut boxes. The latest die-cut machines provide you the neat corners and walls for your boxes. 

Custom soap boxes with windows are quite a hit in the packaging sphere. Many of the box manufacturers like to have windows in their boxes. You can also have these advertising measures for your product. Windows enhance the marketing efficacy of your product. People can see the box through these windows from the surfaces of the boxes. They can have a prior idea about the colors and looks of them. Even they can smell them.

Rigid craftsmanship is a good option

Should I give you some more key guidelines? Have you ever thought about luxury rigid boxes? Oh, never consider them heavily pricy. If they consume more of your budget, then they also give you additional packaging value. 

It depends upon ingredients and brand theme, which you have made. If it is manufactured with more precious ingredients. Then, having rigid boxes is not a bad idea. It supports your product with a splendid visual experience. 

There are many of the cosmetics industries, who like to pack these boxes in luxury wrapping. This is my notion that beauty soaps should have beautiful soap packaging. Eye-catching images, color themes, creative typography and some unique box styles can make your product stand apart.

Being ecological is better for packaging

For such a delicate product, you should always have an eco-friendly soap box. And this purpose can only be achieved by having premium paper packaging. This takes less expense. Thus, you can have custom soap boxes wholesale solutions with budget-friendly price tags. 

You can have these boxes in corrugated stock. But those can only be needed for bulk transportation.