Why Only Paper Retail Packaging Is More Than Enough For You?

Today I am going to highlight the top five reasons to choose retail packaging supplies in paper materials. Let me elaborate! by "packaging", I mean the "exterior packaging" of your products.

Retail product packaging includes; product boxes, bags, and tags, etc. This blog is primarily for paper packaging boxes and its other related products. Shall we start? Ladies and gentlemen! please help yourselves to read the following contents.

Rigid packaging is “Royal Packaging”
Why you need the “Packaging King”?
Wonders of corrugated material
Kraft convenience cannot be ignored
The “Fifth” reason


Rigid packaging is “Royal Packaging”

As you drive through the downtown; no matter what you have to buy, you see the products packed in mainly four types of packaging. The first one is the custom luxury rigid packaging. Suppose it’s your wedding and you are looking for a ring then surely you would need it in the high-end packing. Because you want it to be a symbol of your love, you want it to be special. That is why you mostly get the jewels in custom jewelry boxes.

Custom setup boxes are the ultimate solution for retail products. I always tell my readers to choose luxury packaging if they can go for it. Because even today; it is unbeatable.

Why? Well, this is the true form of personalized packaging. You decide every aspect of it on your own. From inserts to printing or sizing; this is “you” who customizes it all. Custom-made luxury rigid boxes instantly uplift the presentation of your products. When a commodity comes in luxury rigid packaging then it is perceived as a “Special” product. A certain level of credibility is attached to the products. People think that if they have packed the product with this decorum then definitely it is “Exclusive”.

So, here’s the recipe; even if you have a product of “common use”; you can make it exceptional and significant by just placing it in a custom luxury rigid box. This is the first and foremost option or trend for you to keep. If you can invest then finance for this packaging solution. It pays you back substantially. 

There are some very attractive styles in this form of packaging. Custom magnetic closure boxes, personalized sleeve boxes, and clamshell boxes are some of the “famous picks”. You cannot find a better stock than this for your custom gift boxes, custom perfume boxes, apparel boxes, or any other type of quality packaging.  


Why you need the “Packaging King”?

Now, this is a fact; you cannot pack everything in the rigid material. And not every product qualifies for a high-end packaging box. Then what to do? You have to pack the goods in the most attractive “attire”. For instance, at Packhit we don’t make many of the custom cosmetic boxes in rigid stock. Here comes the cardstock material. This is a splendid choice indeed. You can get this material in varying PTs/grammages. Due to its lush white color; this is the only stock right now we have to neatly print digital pictures and all the colors. 

Let me give the example of a custom Christmas gift box. How this box is folded and engineered in a pillow box structure is not possible without cardboard. You can do anything with this material. Construct it into any style. Usually, this material is die-cut, and only a single piece shapes-up in a tremendous box. Custom mailer boxes, Straight end tuck boxes, Tuck tock snap lock bottom boxes, and auto-lock bottom boxes; these are all just “single cut-pieces” of cardstock. As you fold its significant creases; it pops-up into your favorite style of box.  

Hence, if you need custom CBD bath bomb boxes with a logo and window then I have no other recommendation for you except cardstock. This is the “Packaging King” material.

Wonders of Corrugated material

If you use corrugated material wisely then you can do “Wonders” with this stock. Even you can use it as a custom luxury packaging box for your products. Usually custom corrugated boxes aka custom shipping boxes are used for product deliveries or stockpiling. I am in full favor of custom shipping boxes with your company logo. Why? I think it is a “free advertisement” for your products. See! If you carry your product boxes packed in these cases. They not only provide you a standardized practice of packaging but people consider you a proper “brand”. As you would have made separate product packaging boxes for your goods.

Custom corrugated packaging boxes are a lot more than just shipping containers. I was talking above about their “Wise Use”. What is this? You have to analyze; what is the shelf period of your extravagant product? If it stays longer on the rack then definitely you should go for custom luxury rigid boxes. If it gets sold early then I would suggest you not opt for luxury rigid boxes. Instead, try an “integrated” form of packaging. 

“Integrated” is a concept of “Combo-Packaging” that is improvised by Packhit. I am happy that we are the leader in devising this packaging term in the USA. This was an initiative to make things easy for you. So, you can understand the packaging more and save expenses more and more. In my previous blog; how corrugated boxes are supporting the retail industry? I had discussed the amalgam of cardboard and corrugated stocks. Now I step forward and will add to try more possibilities. And I pray; may you find a thinking designer; a creative design-artist can do wonders. 


Kraft convenience cannot be ignored

And when it comes to kraft then I don’t find any more usable material in America than this. And it is a good sign. We prefer it. Because it is eco-friendly. Kraft has some unimaginable possibilities. It is very interesting to know them. When I was writing the previous blog; What no one tells you about the most affordable packaging; I was surprised. Yes, I was surprised; I discovered a mammoth of potential in kraft. You should read that blog and see how only kraft packaging is enough for a lot of requirements. 

It has a vast range; starting from custom file covers to personalized bookmarks, cheap kraft boxes, and various types of additional packaging options.

The “Fifth” reason

Now the concluding answer; why you only need paper retail packaging products for your goods. Why don’t you tell me; is there any more affordable choice other than paper packaging? I have seen some of my peers; they have shops at Etsy, eBay store hubs, and Amazon accounts. And some of them are doing trading from just their laptops through the e-mails. They all use retail packaging boxes, bags, and displays for their deliveries.

When we say “paper packaging” then as you have read; all types of luxury to the simplest form of packaging get compiled in it. So, this is the best e-commerce packaging solution for you. 

These are the most cost-effective as well. You cannot choose glass; it breaks. Tin is expensive. Jute is not suitable for every commodity. Wooden; heavy and again “expensive”. Plastic; No way! It is a bit complicated to get biodegradable plastic packaging. Suppose if you get it for the sake of your zeal. Its shipping bill will give you shell shocks. Even all these alternative packaging solutions are neither shipping-friendly nor eco-friendly. 

Most of the paper packaging products are delivered to you “flat”. You only have to set them up in their intended structure. Affordable shipping, easy assembling, making in any style and size is there for you by this packaging solution. What do you need more? Should I need to add anything else?

Alex 23 September, 2021
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