Custom Printed Boxes


Before having an idea about Custom Printed Boxes. Let’s talk a bit about offset printing. As a major proportion of printing is based upon this particular print technique.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is an established printing process that permanently deploys the inks from a printing plate to the moving rubber cylinder, and then to paper.

This is a complete mechanized system to print the office stationaries, newspapers, leaflets, magazines, stickers, Books and the Boxes.

Though offset printing is in the business for quite a while. It is still today relevant and most broadly in practice.

Supreme Benefits

The major benefits of this methodology are cost-effectiveness and time-saving. Offset machines print the packaging in a rapid period of time. A most famous type of printing nowadays is Sheet-Fed offset printing.

Unlike uncut papers, these set-up machines print small sizes of papers. These paper

sizes are most convenient for all of the packaging utilizations. And, in a very short period of time, we at Packhit deliver the customer orders, conveniently.

These printing machines can print a minimum of 4000 papers, cardstocks in one hour. The quantity can be exceeded accordingly.

The popularity of this mechanism has urged the machinists to come up with more and more advanced print equipment each year. Packhit is privileged to have the latest machines. Thus, we manage to bring bespoke quality every time for all types of printed custom packaging.

PMS and You

This is your primary initiative. All of our clients indeed pick and choose their favorite colors through this color numbering Book. 

This is the standard Swatch Book, which comprises all the colors with their universal codes.

Each color in this Book is assigned with a specific number. If needed, for every order, our clients select and refer their assigned colors by just emailing us the particular number of their preferred color.

CMYK Starts

CMYK is different in its configuration than television or computer screen colors of RGB (Red, Green and Blue) format. But, when it comes to CMYK; it stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black).

The new name for blue was devised in this format as Cyan because “blue” had been already indicated in RGB’s final alphabetical term “B” as Blue.

These four colors when individually printed bring real-life images.

And when hues are combined, they also form new variations of colors, i.e. Cyan and Yellow when mixed they combine up in the end color of green.  Similarly, Cyan and Magenta by mixing up together shape up in Red color.

Packhit, print and delivers all the print packaging solutions efficiently and conveniently.

We at our platform, not only providing high-end offset printing solutions. But our screen prints options are also state of the art.

We efficiently print custom printed boxes with a logo. And presenting an extensive range of Add-on choices. Choose, Pick and let us care.