Corrugated Boxes

An affordable packaging Solution

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If we say that custom Corrugated Boxes are the King of packaging, it won’t be wrong. Almost all our masses know them by their color, as, the famous brown box. From day one these boxes are ruling the market. Almost every industry prefers its utilization. Because they are lightweight and enormously affordable.

Let us give you a bit of their formation knowledge.  

How are they made?

Corrugated boxes are made from one of the most environmentally friendly resources.

Often, these materials are old paper and cardboard stocks. So, the healthy aspect is, they can be remade by recycling, again and again. 

The long-lasting pine trees are also used in their manufacturing to a considerable extent. This stock is shaped into Kraft paper. The high-tech equipment procedure for the making of these boxes is called the corrugator.

A corrugator is a large appliance, comprising of some small sizes of machineries. A specifically curvy, and wavelike look is given to the basic inner Kraft sheets.

This wavy sheet is also called the fluted corrugated sheet. This is the core material for the corrugated boxes. Once this inner sheet starts rolling through the corrugator, glue is used to paste and stick the two outer Kraft paper sheets at both the sides of a wavy sheet.

Strengthened Aspects:

These boxes come with custom durability. You can reinforce them as per your personal weight needs. Normally custom corrugated boxes come in the following strengths.

i.      Single Wall

ii.     Double Wall

iii.    Triple Wall

Single Wall, as by the term can be understood is called for the boxes with a single layer of the corrugated-wavy sheet. These are used to pack relatively lightweight commodities.

If our consumers opt for more durable and reinforced packaging. Then, we present double or triple wall corrugated boxes. These are optimum for hulking and more weighty goods. Therefore, they are also called heavy-duty boxes. Hence, it becomes a custom corrugated packaging. And we do it efficiently. 


Some of the significant aspects of these boxes are as below

·      Moisture Proof

·      Thermal Control

·      Custom Edge Crush Testing

·      Crack Resilience

·      Flat Crush Tests

·      Bending Strength

·      Impact Resiliency

·      Shock Absorbent

·      Tear Proofing Ability

·      Grammage

All of the aforementioned specifications can be customized as per storage and shipping needs.

custom corrugated boxes wholesale

Extensive Utilizations:

Corrugated boxes are for all of the life purposes. Shipping to storage and home to offices, they are widely used.

Books, jewelry, sports, and all of the industries use these boxes extensively. These are not only used in a non-printed, simple shape, but printed corrugated boxes are also high in demand by various industry sectors.

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