Brief Info About Soap Packaging Boxes

After some stunning attributions of soap packaging in my previous blogs; now we have come to the further information about soap paper boxes. Box manufacturing has undoubtedly brimming aspects. You cannot illuminate all the hidden corners in one blog. That’s why; these days, I am extending the work on a series of soap storage boxes. 

Okay, today let me provide you more disclosures regarding the deluxe packaging of your soaps in my following contents.

What are your additives?

This is the first step; you know it better than anyone else. What are your soap ingredients? What are the additives in your product? If you have made it a luxury product or it is produced for retail marketing. In both cases; the representation of these details is essential for you to give. In the modern world; consumers do not compromise on quality. 

And good brands also do not jeopardize their business by ordinary means or poor product characteristics. Quality is what gives you retail life. The product’s superior standard enables your commodity to compete. This is the only way for sustainable growth and business development. I have always encouraged my readers to never underestimate the importance of the details of the ingredients.

This initiative not only gives your customers an impact of reliability but they also start having confidence in your brand. So, no issue about mentioning your formula details on the box surface.

Write your “secret recipe”, oh come on! no one is going to steal it. Telling someone that how you are doing it and doing by yourself are two different things. If a jet fighter pilot tells people that this is the method of flying; then how many people there can fly? None. Similar is the case; disclose your ingredients list. Public it. Do good. And rule the market. 

This is indeed your dedication to your work that gives you a distinction. Relentless enthusiasm and passion drive and enhance your mark in the market. Don’t worry about “copy cats”, let them do their petty works. And you should proceed with the earnestness. So, one part of your square soap box surface should be devoted to giving the ingredient info for the customers. Don’t print them too small to read. 

Readable typography is important

Use a readable font size which everyone can read. I have seen some of the ingredients listed in the smallest sizing. What is the benefit of it? Why should one make the brand ambiguous? Is there anything to hide? Enlarge the typography. Let them read. It won’t matter. People will buy your goods confidently; once they know what is in the product. I guarantee you.

Contact details do matter

Always be open about your contact info. If you are a big brand like late Steve Job’s venture, then it might be okay for you to not write your address on the wholesale bar soap packaging. Because the whole world knows where top fortune is residing. But it is a fact that giving your contact information in all of the cases is good. Provide them your authentic location. So, if anyone wants to visit you; they can have it. Give them the numbers to talk to you. Thus, you put aside a major communication barrier. A phone number where customers can call you is the sign of your valid trade. 

After the contact number, you should also have a customer support representative who can answer the queries. Hence, if any hitch comes in the way, you would be there to solve any unseen problem. 

A good website is also a need for modern businesses. People like to have their brands online. They want the e-presence of their favorite commodities. And in the current isolated days; the importance of online commerce has increased immensely. You cannot deny it. Many of the customers cannot buy things by physically coming to retail stores. What choice remains there? Online ordering. 

So, if you have an online portal; you can conveniently run your business without any fear of the pandemic. Remember! COVID-19 is the current reality of America. And we have to live with this until a cure arises. We have to flourish in the given situation; this is the scenario that has been chosen for us by the universe. 

Open the doors for more contacting channels

Don’t be agitated by this. Do your work through the internet. Live, sell, and do everything that you can do online. Nowadays; it is a good idea to not only give your email but WhatsApp number, Facebook address, and even Skype contact info can also be given on the boxes. Make it easier; even easiest for your customers to catch you; from whatever the channel they find it appropriate. 

Then you can easily home deliver your brand across the states and you can also make your sub-distributors. My company Packhit is with you; or if you have any other reliable wholesale soap packaging sources, then you ought to be in contact with them. So, by each time you can get your desired packaging solutions comfortably.

Brand and logos with prominence

Always mention your company or brand name at a prominent place of the custom soap box. Let the people remind you of your company name. They should know; who is offering them their dream product. Make both; your brand and organization famous at the same time. Product name is what sticks more in the minds. 

But the manufacturer details should also be there for your customers to read and remember. And make a prominent logo of your company, place it on the notable position on the custom printed soap packaging. 

custom printed soap boxes

Weight of soap bars should be there

To mention the weight of your soap bar is also a good selling feature. Always print the exact net weight of the individual soap on the box. And if it is a single soap in the custom soap box. Then it is not necessary to print the product numbers inside. And if it is a jumbo soap pack beyond one piece then do mention the total numbers of soaps on the boxes. So, consumers can easily read how many soaps they are purchasing in the given amount. 

Simplicity helps you a long way

Let me give you one more key advice; make your personalized soap bar box as much simple as you can. l like the custom seal end boxes most. This is the most famous style of box packaging. Thus, the customer is facilitated to open the box from either side. I suggest the same to you. Well, there are some other signature styles of opening and closing of the box. Call us and you would surely be provided by a broader spectrum of soap sleeve packaging techniques. 

If you have any box theme in your mind; don’t hesitate to discuss it with us or your soap sample packaging supplier. When we say custom printed soap boxes. Then all include the word; “customization”. Personalization is the facility and freedom to make the boxes of your choice. Everything is possible; from scratch to the final box construction, all is done smoothly with soothe. Last but not the least; be assured that all the eco-friendly soap packaging procedures are operational worldwide. Do your business. Earn the fortune; that you deserve. 

Alex 16 August, 2021
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