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Retail packaging extensively elaborates the specific packaging of any of the product, which is delivered to a retailer. Eventually, it is stocked and sold. Usually, retailers, bulk suppliers or the industries come to Packhit for their desired packaging solutions. It covers boxes sizing, tags, etc. 

Let’s have an insight into the various retail product packaging solutions.

Readable and Clear Names

Neat, clean, and readable brand names should be printed on all the brand wraps, bags and boxes, etc. The barcoding and RFID tagging should be according to the product evaluations and the consumer's needed specifications.

All the manufacturing, production and expiry dates should be mentioned on the covers. 

Convenient Opening

A further aspect is the easiest opening of the boxes and covers. It should not be confusing, entangling or time taking for the customers. It should be as convenient, as it can be. Security measures are also essential for any of the products. All of the products needed to be delivered to customers safe and sound. And, the product should be in its complete and proper packaging form. Thus, a better sales experience can be achieved.  

Shelf-Friendly Dimensions

Packaging should be handy in its dimensions. Eventually, all of the products have to be placed on the shelves at the stores. So, if a peculiar or unorthodox packaging is conceived, though it is possible to make here at Packhit. But it will not fully support the marketing and sales of the product.

Therefore, we always suggest having traditional packaging for most of the products. Nevertheless, exceptions are there. So, we always provide shelves with friendly packaging for our clients. We call it the SRP (Shelf Ready Packaging) aka the retail packaging.

Usually, shelf-ready principles are the same worldwide, they can also differ a bit according to the specific retail stores.

How do we add the values?

We at Packhit along with our remarkable team of Packaging guys, providing high-end and latest trends of custom retail packaging for all of the business sectors.

Our one window operations have made us the leading manufacturer and supplier across the US and Canada. We give hassle-free services and supplies to all our clients.

Our packaging procedures start from scratch. Initiated by designing and first prototypes of the packaging.  Our design junkies work effortlessly and passionately to come up with the blockbuster designs, that can appeal and attract the target consumers. 

 Then it comes to our latest equipment and skilled team, who manages the tasks professionally and skillfully every time and for each brand. So, here we are as the optimum wholesale retail packaging choice.