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One of my packaging friends was wanting me to write something specifically for the soap wholesalers. How can they avail the benefits of soap packaging in bulk and what are the known procedures? I thought about it. And concluded that it indeed is a good idea to illustrate the steps to follow in my following contents. 

As the wholesale business approach is to provide the retailers and buyers the things at relatively low prices. Many of the grocery store vendors are not able to directly purchase the brands. It can be due to MOQ (minimum order quantities), usually, these quantities are much higher than the shopkeeper’s needs. Retailers tend to purchase a considerably low amount of product units.

The term “MOQ” is almost everywhere, every commodity vendor has its own terms and conditions. When it comes to daily life products; tissues, salt, spices, jams, or soaps, etc. factories like to distribute the items on bulk price slabs to sub-dealers. The packaging industry is also not an exception. If you have to make rigid encasement then low MOQ usually starts from fifty pieces. Some have the bottom quantity of a hundred units. 

At Packhit, as we make retail packaging boxes with total customization. So, many of the times we entertain customers according to the situation. We see the business requirements. From even a single piece to countless numbers; we furnish the quotes accordingly. Actually, custom packaging is all about customer support. Therefore, we prefer to assist customers according to their needs. By addressing the MOQ analogy, I had to state the packaging manufacturing procedures; therefore, I wrote some of my company’s “order quantity” regulations for you. Now let’s proceed further for the soap packaging box.

  • Edge of wholesalers
  • Packaging continues
  • Deliveries of the boxes 
  • Materials and styles
  • Do some jumbo 

custom printed soap packaging

Edge of wholesalers

Wholesalers or you can say; bulk purchasers have the edge to buy and store the things in maximum numbers of quantities. Thus, they get things on low/wholesale prices and then sell them by adding their profit margins to the retail markets. We know; nowadays soaps have become like hot cakes. People need them. Italy has seen a rise of 29% in soap sales. Similarly, major soap brands are having sales of their lifetimes. The outcome is evident; I am urging almost every friend to focus on soaps and sanitizers manufacturing and packaging. Help people and do the right things that are needed at the time.

This is life; not every person can do all the things simultaneously. A person can make a soap factory but it is not necessary for him/her to reach every retailer across the US. So, wholesalers are there. They cannot be ignored. And when it comes to the wholesale soap packaging, that is also beneficial for you. 

Wholesale packaging gives you the ideal price tags that you need at the moment. The good thing is that many of the packaging suppliers are still operating. Are you in need of any of the packaging requirements? Certainly, you can get it easily. 

Packaging continues

At least we at Packhit are fully operational. Some of my fellow American packaging suppliers don’t like to outsource the packaging facilities. But there is no bad in it. If we can give more affordable solutions to our people then we should procure. And, I think our decision to import the handcrafting facilities for our boxes was right. There are still many of the areas on the planet, where the situation is relatively safe to work and complete the projects. 

In the recent pandemic days; when whole America is almost at the brink of closing. But packaging needs are still there. Retailers cannot sell oils, toothpaste, and food without packaging. If people are in homes, then it does not mean that they don’t need things. They need all the groceries indeed. So, if you are a soap box manufacturer. Think big! Think for custom soap boxes in bulk quantities. And be assured my dear soap box supplier, you can still have soap packaging bags and boxes comfortably. Almost everyone is working. The world economy also has to take breaths. 

Deliveries of the boxes 

It is only taking a few more days in delivery of the packaging supplies to you as transportation and shipping all over the world has become sluggish. Airlines have decreased their flights. But cargo flights are still flying. And they have to. Medical supplies, sanitizers, hand gloves, face masks, and soaps have to be delivered to the people. 

You can control people from boarding but you cannot stop the life facilities to reach them. So, all the packaging for soap products is also exchanged worldwide. Materials are still attainable. It is good news that material prices are still within budget lines. So, you can get your desired round soap packaging at quite good prices. 

Help people. Reach to them. Give them whatever you have to give them. If you are making soaps; you don’t have to be extra luxurious while being a retail soap vendor. Kraft and cardboard fully comply with you for a small soap box. If first I talk about kraft resources; then it is evident that this is one of the best materials for the soap encasement. As a nation, we love this material and no nation on earth has used this material as much as we have applied it.

soap packaging boxes wholesale

Materials and styles

Kraft soap boxes have all the compatibilities that you need for the befitting packaging. Soap boxes with windows are the benchmark style of cleansing bars. You can pack and display your soaps in soap bar packaging. I personally like the window cut-outs in the organic soap packaging. This is leisure indeed. 

Many of the customers always want to have a prior look at the brand/item they are purchasing. Even they want to smell it. Perhaps, this is human nature; once I was in a superstore and I had to buy yellow watermelons; I saw some men sniffing them. I asked, “What’s the benefit of it?” “Pleasant smell tells the sweetness inside the fruit.” One of them told me. That was a new feature of yellow watermelons for me. I used the same tactics or not, that is another story.

But that incident also showed me another feature of humans. They like to smell; good fragrances! Your box window not only shows the make of your box inside but it also provides the soap aroma to your customers. If they want to sniff it. Surely, they can. 

Do some jumbo 

You should always try a jumbo soap box. What is it? Retail soap display boxes are the jumbo crates. You can provide packing of five, six, seven, and even ten soaps in a single display box. Usually, this box has no upper lid to close the box. Soaps are placed in this open box for customers to see and grab a lot of products at the same time. It is a good idea. You can offer decreased prices on these bulky soap boxes. More soaps in a single box mean more profits. Opportunities are still there in abundance. Avail them. Have you anything to say, ask, or comment? Do share your thoughts about soap packaging boxes wholesale solutions.