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How wholesale benefits you?

All of the organizations have a specific LOW MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) plans. These are the standard minimum numbers of packaging units, that a supplier agrees to manufacture.

Usually, most of the suppliers offer at least fifty numbers of boxes or packaging units to be printed in their per factory run.

Minimum quantities come with higher prices. As, all the work force is applied to small orders, which is employed for bulk or big orders.

The initial material cost, i.e. designs, plates, and dyes pricing remains the same for lower or large quantities. But if the order is small, their cost value covers most of the manufacturing expense of such productions.

Here comes the wholesale solution as a convenient choice. As the production volume increases, the basic manufacturing cost becomes less relevant and impactful.

So, special price tags are offered for bulk quantities and then comes the winning quote.

By every time special prices can be achieved while going wholesale.

One Window Operations

Packhit is the leading USA brand for all of the custom product boxes bulk solutions. What makes us special is our benchmark strength to do all the packaging operations under one roof.

This One-Window procedure enables us to deliver all of the custom boxes not only on a wholesale basis but with enormous quantities within adequate turnaround timings and also with amazingly affordable price tags.

Thus, we are extensively providing all of the custom packaging boxes for all of the corporate sectors.

Extensive Categorizations

Some of the top most categories can be seen as below;

Jewelry Boxes

Food Boxes

Perfume Boxes

Sports Boxes

Cookie Boxes

Cake Boxes

Cosmetics Boxes

Gable Boxes, etc.

We are also providing various styles of wholesale custom packaging. See from some of the below styles. 

Sleeve Boxes

Telescoping Boxes

Sealed End Boxes

Hexagon Boxes

Round Boxes

Five Panel Hanger Boxes

Display Boxes & many more

This is our optimum expertise to craft all of the box shapes and dimensions.

Custom cellophane windows can also be placed in the boxes for a better visual experience. We have come up with the proficient and most skilled team. Therefore, we ensure to provide wholesale packaging boxes with remarkable qualities by every time.

Our pricing is comprehensively affordable. But once it comes to wholesale, then, let us provide you the rocking rates. Contact us and have a pricing idea. Now!